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27th September 2023

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In the world of electronics, power conversion products and display technology are integral components of countless applications. Whether it’s in the automotive industry, industrial automation, or consumer electronics, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these systems is paramount. One key aspect that often goes underappreciated is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Fortunately, Relec Electronics, your trusted partner when it comes to all things power related, offer a wide range of auxiliary EMC products which can significantly enhance and simplify product designs for electronic engineers. In this article, we’ll explore some of the filters available from Mornsun, and how they play a vital role in achieving EMC compliance while enhancing overall product performance.

The Importance of EMC in Electronics

Electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC, is the ability of electronic devices and systems to function properly in their intended electromagnetic environment without causing, or suffering from external interference. EMC compliance is crucial for several reasons:

Regulatory Compliance

Many countries and regions have strict EMC regulations and standards that electronic devices must meet. Non-compliance can lead to costly recalls, legal issues, and damage to a company’s reputation.


EMC compliance ensures that electronic systems operate without disruptions caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI). This is especially important in critical applications like medical devices and aerospace equipment, where lives may depend on uninterrupted functionality.

Customer Satisfaction

Products that are EMC-compliant are less likely to cause interference with other electronic devices in a user’s environment, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Mornsun Filters: Enhancing EMC Performance

Mornsun, based in Guangzhou, China, is Relec Electronics’ largest supplier, specializing in AC-DC and DC-DC conversion products. In addition to their power conversion solutions, Mornsun offers a range of auxiliary components designed to support these power supplies and enhance their EMC performance. These components include EMC filters, surge suppressors, pulse suppressors, common mode chokes, and standard inductors.

EMC Filters: A Crucial Component

EMC filters are an essential part of any electronic system’s design. They are primarily used to reduce conducted electromagnetic interference, both emitted and received, and ensure compliance with EMC standards such as EN55032. Mornsun’s EMC filters come in various configurations to suit different application needs:

Board Mount EMC Filters

These compact filters are designed to be mounted directly on the PCB, making them ideal for space-constrained applications. They help attenuate common mode and differential mode noise and, in many instances, also offer protection against surges, including the difficult to meet RIA12 surges seen in the railway industry.

Chassis Mount EMC Filters

When more extensive filtering is required, chassis mount EMC filters are the go-to choice. They can be easily integrated into the enclosure of the electronic system, providing effective noise suppression.

DIN-Rail Mount EMC Filters

DIN-rail mount filters are designed for industrial environments and are easy to install on standard DIN rails. Primarily designed to operate alongside Mornsun’s extensive range for Din Rail mount power supplies, they offer robust EMI filtering and surge protection capabilities for a range of applications.

Surge Suppressors and Pulse Suppressors

Mornsun’s product line up also includes surge suppressors and pulse suppressors. These components protect electronic systems from voltage spikes and transients, ensuring that sensitive components are shielded from potentially damaging surges. Moreover, many of these products, as mentioned, are designed to protect against EN61000-4-5 surges, a crucial requirement for systems operating in regions with unstable power grids.

Common Mode Chokes and Standard Inductors

Common mode chokes and standard inductors play a vital role in mitigating electromagnetic interference in power lines. Common mode chokes are particularly effective in reducing common mode noise, which can be challenging to filter using conventional methods. By incorporating these components into their designs, electronic engineers can significantly enhance the EMC performance of their products.

Simplifying Design Challenges

Now, let’s delve into how Mornsun filters can simplify the product design process for electronic engineers:

Comprehensive Solution

Mornsun offers a comprehensive range of EMC and EMI suppression components, allowing engineers to source all their filtering and suppression needs from a single supplier. This streamlines the procurement process and ensures compatibility between components.

Expertise and Support

Relec Electronics, as a distributor, provides valuable technical support and expertise to assist engineers in selecting the right components for their specific applications. This guidance is invaluable in achieving optimal EMC performance.

Space-Efficient Solutions

Mornsun’s board mount EMC filters are designed to fit in tight spaces, making them ideal for compact product designs where real estate is at a premium.


Mornsun is known for its high-quality components, ensuring that products are reliable and durable, even in challenging operating conditions.

Regulatory Compliance

Many Mornsun filters are designed to meet or exceed international EMC standards, such as EN55032, ensuring that products are compliant right out of the box.


Achieving electromagnetic compatibility is a critical consideration in the design of electronic systems. Mornsun filters, available through Relec Electronics, provide engineers with effective tools to enhance EMC performance and simplify product designs. With a wide range of filter options, surge suppressors, pulse suppressors, common mode chokes, and inductors, engineers have the flexibility to address the specific EMC challenges of their applications. Plus, the added protection against EN61000-4-5 surges and reduced emissions as per EN55032 makes Mornsun filters a top choice for engineers worldwide. Trust in Relec Electronics and Mornsun to help you design electronic products that excel in performance and compliance. 

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