Enhancing Durability in TFT and LCD Displays: The Importance of High IK Ratings

12th April 2024

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In the demanding environments of industrial and public applications, the physical durability of TFT and LCD displays is a critical factor for reliability and longevity. The Impact Protection (IK) Rating system provides a standardised measure of a device’s resistance to mechanical impacts. Relec Electronics prioritises the provision of display solutions with superior impact protection, offering options up to IK10 across our range of products.

The Significance of IK Ratings

IK ratings, ranging from IK01 to IK10, serve as a benchmark for assessing the mechanical robustness of electronic enclosures, including TFT and LCD displays. These ratings are determined based on the ability of the enclosure to withstand impacts from various energies, offering a clear indication of the product’s resilience in challenging environments.

Ball dropping onto a display to signify testing for IK ratings

Without IK Rating

With IK Rating

IK Ratings

IK Ratings drop test at 7.5 cm / 0.15 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 10 cm / 0.20 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 17.5 cm / 0.35 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 25 cm / 0.5 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 35 cm / 0.7 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 20 cm / 1 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 20 cm / 2 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 10 cm / 5 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 20 cm / 10 J impact
IK Ratings drop test at 40 cm / 20 J impact

Deciphering IK Ratings: From IK01 to IK10

Each level of the IK rating scale denotes a specific degree of protection against impacts, where IK01 represents minimal protection and IK10 indicates the highest level of impact resistance. Devices rated IK10 are capable of withstanding impacts of up to 20 joules, equivalent to the energy impact of 5 kg mass dropped from 400 mm above the impacted surface. This level of protection is essential for displays used in areas prone to heavy interaction or potential mechanical accidents. 

The Advantages of High IK Rated Displays

Opting for displays with a high IK rating, such as IK10, ensures that the device can endure harsh conditions without compromising its functionality or lifespan. This is particularly important for industries where equipment must operate reliably in the face of physical stress, such as manufacturing, transportation, and public services. Relec Electronics’ commitment to offering high IK rated displays underscores our dedication to providing products that meet and exceed the demanding requirements of these applications. 

A Commitment to Durability and Quality

At Relec Electronics, our selection of TFT and LCD displays with up to IK10 ratings exemplifies our approach to offering solutions that combine high performance with exceptional durability. Understanding the critical nature of impact resistance in many of our clients’ operations, we ensure that our products are designed to offer not just visual excellence but also an unparalleled level of physical robustness. 

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Prioritising Protection in Display Technology

The choice of a high IK rated display is a testament to an organisation’s commitment to quality, reliability, and durability. Relec Electronics remains at the forefront of this commitment, providing a portfolio of TFT and LCD display options that cater to the highest standards of impact protection. By choosing our IK10 rated products, clients are assured of a solution that not only meets their technical and visual requirements but also offers the peace of mind that comes from superior mechanical resilience.

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