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We believe a proud 40 year history in the displays’ business constitutes a ‘specialist’!

It means RELEC is able to listen, advise and recommend the best products sourced from a wide range of display technologies. We have supplied literally millions of custom mono displays, standard mono displays and modules to many industries and types of customer.

We believe our range of TFT panels and touch panels, combined with our service, is unrivalled. Working closely with specialist partners, we can easily provide the panel or monitor you need. We are very happy to develop custom solutions for whatever the application, be it light industrial or heavily ruggedised for the harshest of environments.

RELEC’s standard TFT display products are available in a wide range of sizes, from small 1.77” up to 12.1”. These cover all industry standard resolutions, sizes and interfaces. Standard units are available with brightness levels exceeding 1500 cd/m².

In addition to supplying standard panels, we also have the ability to offer a range of enhancements to improve the optical, mechanical and environmental performance of your display.

We also offer a range of larger TFT panels from 12.1” to 31.5” which can be tailored to your specific need. With access to all the main manufacturers for large TFT displays, we have a wide range of products to use as a base. We then optimise the panel to meet your requirements.

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  • “We were looking for rugged PCAP display to replace an existing resistive design.”
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  • "We want a display for our site access system"
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