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High-Performance, Rugged AC DC, DC-DC Converters, DC AC Inverters, Displays and EMC Filters for the Railway Industry & other demanding applications.

Relec Electronics is the UK’s franchised distributor for Bel Power Solutions (who recently acquired Power-One), one of the world’s largest power supply manufacturers, supplying power conversion products to professional communications, industrial and transportation markets. Through its Swiss-based branch (formerly Melcher), Bel Power supplies all of the leading manufacturers in the railway industry with high performance, rugged DC-DC, and AC DC converters, designed to meet national and international railway standards. With over 40 years’ experience, there are hundreds of thousands of Bel Power products installed worldwide. With power levels from 4W to 1kW, the products feature ultra-wide input voltage ranges, very high efficiency, wide operating temperature ranges, self-cooling enclosed cases, high immunity to electrical, humidity and mechanical stress and demonstrate high reliability.

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Standard Converter Features:

– Compliant with EN50121-3-2 and EN50155, BRB RIA12, RIA13, RIA18, RIA20; IEC60571, EN60950
– Severe Derating on component level
– High-Isolation test voltage input-output
– High-Efficiency, up to 98%
– Wide-Output voltage trim ranges for ease of use
– All circuits dip-varnished for high mechanical durability & humidity withstand
– Rugged aluminum extruded cases for rack or chassis mounting
– Self-Cooling, no derating over the specified temperature range
– DC-DC Converters have nominal Inputs of 12V – 220Vdc
– AC DC Converters have global AC Input
– DC & AC Converters are mechanically identical
– Products offering Single, Dual, Triple & Quad Outputs

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