Advanced Energy engineers the world’s most advanced power supplies and solutions for semiconductor and industrial manufacturers. Access the precision, power, and performance your applications demand. Streamline your processes and drive productivity.


Advanced Energy’s chassis-mount, DC-to-DC, high voltage modules work easily within OEM equipment as component power supplies. Benefit from full-range control and voltage and current monitoring.

  • HVA Series

    Input:24V dc ±10%
    Outputs: 1kV to 20kV
    Power: 2 Watt
    Tamb: +10°C to +45°C
    Dims: 152.4 x 96.8 x 31.8mm

  • D Series

    Input:15V dc
    Outputs: up to 6kVdc
    Power: up to 6 Watt
    Tamb: -10°C to +65°C
    Dims: 63.5 x 44 x 17.5mm

  • E Series

    Input:23 to 30V dc
    Outputs: 0 to 15kV dc
    Power: 30 Watt
    Tamb: +10°C to +45°C
    Dims: 152.4 x 96.8 x 38.1mm

  • AA Series

    Input:12V or 24V dc
    Outputs: 1kV to 6kV
    Power: up to 30 Watt
    Tamb: -40°C to +65°C
    Dims: 75.4 x 38.1 x 19.1mm

  • A Series

    Input:12V dc
    Outputs: up to 40kV
    Power: up to 30 Watt
    Tamb: -40°C to +65°C
    Dims: 94 x 38.1 x 19.6mm

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