Sealing success – IP Rated Considerations for TFT Monitors & Panel PCs

26th July 2023

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This article delves into the importance of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings for electronic equipment, specifically focusing on TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) monitors and Panel PCs. The paper provides an introduction to IP ratings, explaining the different values for dust ingress and water ingress. It also explores the applications that require high IP ratings for monitors and Panel PCs, discusses the issues associated with designing electronic equipment with high IP ratings, and highlights the special requirements of equipment designed to IP69K.

Introduction to IP Ratings for Electronic Equipment

IP ratings are a standardized measure of the degree of protection provided by electronic equipment against the intrusion of solid particles (dust) and liquids (water). The IP rating is represented by two digits: the first indicating the level of protection against solid objects, and the second representing the level of protection against water. Understanding these values is crucial when selecting and designing electronic devices to ensure their suitability for specific environments. 

IP Rated Monitors IP Table
Table 1 -IP Ratings Explained

Applications Requiring High IP Ratings for Monitors and Panel PCs

Certain industries and environments necessitate electronic equipment with high IP ratings. Some notable applications include:

TFT monitors and Panel PCs used in factories, manufacturing plants, and industrial automation systems require robust protection against dust, moisture, and water ingress.

Outdoor and Harsh Environments

IP Rated Monitors and Panel PCs installed in outdoor settings, transportation systems, construction sites, or marine environments must withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions, dust, and water.

Medical and Cleanroom Environments

In medical facilities and cleanroom environments, where hygiene and sterilization are critical, monitors and Panel PCs with high IP ratings help prevent contamination by blocking dust particles and resisting liquid ingress.

Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry relies on high IP rated monitors and Panel PCs, particularly for equipment involved in cleaning processes. The IP rating ensures protection against water, cleaning agents, and other substances encountered during sanitation procedures.  Monitors and Panel PCs used in these environments must withstand exposure to high-pressure jets, hot water, and chemical agents without compromising their functionality or risking contamination.

IP Rated Monitors rugged environment

Issues Associated with Designing Electronic Equipment with High IP Ratings

Designing electronic equipment with high IP ratings presents specific challenges, including:

Thermal Management

Ensuring effective heat dissipation while maintaining the integrity of the IP rating can be complex. Careful consideration must be given to heat sinks, ventilation, and sealing techniques.

Accessibility and Usability

Balancing the need for IP-rated protection with user accessibility and usability is crucial. Designers must incorporate features such as waterproof connectors, sealed buttons, or touchscreens compatible with gloves.

Impact on Aesthetics

Achieving higher IP ratings can impact the overall design aesthetics, as additional sealing mechanisms and ruggedization measures may add bulk or alter the appearance of the device.

Special Requirements of Electronic Equipment Designed to IP69K

IP69K is a specific IP rating designed for applications requiring the highest level of liquid ingress protection. It is particularly relevant to environments where high-pressure water jets are used for cleaning. Electronic equipment designed to meet IP69K must adhere to strict requirements, including:

High-pressure and High-temperature Resistance

IP69K-compliant equipment must withstand water jets at pressures up to 100 bar and temperatures up to 80°C without any ingress.

Enhanced Sealing

Robust sealing mechanisms, such as specially designed gaskets or O-rings, are necessary to maintain the IP69K rating under high-pressure water exposure.

Material Selection

The choice of materials plays a crucial role in achieving IP69K compliance. Components and enclosures must be constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant materials to withstand aggressive cleaning agents and environmental conditions.


Ingress Protection (IP) ratings play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and durability of TFT monitors and Panel PCs in various demanding environments. Understanding the different values for dust and water ingress, along with the specific requirements associated with high IP ratings and IP69K compliance, is essential for manufacturers, designers, and users of electronic equipment. By considering these factors during the design and selection process, electronic devices can provide reliable performance and longevity in their intended applications.  Relec Electronics is an industry leader in the supply of Monitors, Panel PCs and TFT displays for a wide variety of industries.  Our experienced team are on hand to find the right solution for your project. Call us today because standard is just the beginning.

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