Hip to be Square: The Not-So-Ordinary 4″ Square IPS TFT LCD Screen

7th August 2023

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With the escalating demand for electric vehicles (EVs), there’s been a substantial rise in the need for efficient and user-friendly EV charging stations. One of the critical components of these stations is their display units, which provide necessary information like charging status, billing details, and instructions. This case study analyses the application of a specific 4″ 1×1 aspect ratio IPS TFT LCD display in EV charging stations, outlining its key features and benefits.

The Display's Unique Features

The 4″ square, IPS TFT LCD Screen is designed with a suite of distinctive features that make it a perfect choice for EV charging stations:

Wide Operating Temperature

The display operates effectively between -20°C and +70°C, making it suitable for charging stations in a variety of climates.

High Brightness and Contrast Ratio

With a brightness of 1000 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of up to 800, the display is perfect for daytime use. Users can read the information easily, even in bright sunlight.

Near 180-Degree Viewing Angles

This feature enhances the display’s readability from different viewpoints, providing ease of use to customers.

Optical Bonding

This technique reduces glare and enhances daylight readability, allowing the display to offer high visibility under various lighting conditions.

Custom Cover Glass and Unique 1:1 Square LCD Screen Design

The custom cover glass protects the display while offering a sleek look. The unique square design enables a compact form factor without compromising information display.

Low Power Consumption

Despite its high-performance characteristics, the display uses energy efficiently, aligning with the sustainability focus of EVs.

Customizable Add-ons

Depending on specific requirements, customers can opt for mounting frames, antibacterial films, and custom cabling.

Square LCD Screen charging station

Real-World Application

A globally recognized EV charging infrastructure provider, recently decided to upgrade their display units to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. After a thorough market study, they chose the 4″ square IPS TFT LCD screen for their charging stations.

The wide operating temperature range offered by the square LCD screen allowed them to install their charging stations in various regions with extreme weather conditions, from hot deserts to icy tundras, without worrying about the display’s performance. The high brightness and contrast ratio, along with the near 180-degree viewing angles, enhanced the customer’s readability, even under harsh sunlight.

The optical bonding technique made the display more robust, helping it withstand day-to-day wear and tear while enhancing visibility. The unique 1:1 square design and custom cover glass made the stations aesthetically pleasing, attracting more customers. The low power consumption aligned with the company’s sustainability goals, providing a high-performance solution with minimal environmental impact.

The additional options like antibacterial films and custom cabling provided extra layers of safety and ease-of-use, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.

Impact & Results

Since the installation of the 4″ square IPS TFT LCD screen, market feedback showed an impressive increase in customer satisfaction. Customers found the new displays easier to read and interact with, especially in daylight, contributing to a smoother charging experience.

Simultaneously, the low power consumption of the display resulted in an overall reduction in the stations’ operational energy costs. The robustness provided by the custom cover glass and optical bonding resulted in less maintenance, further reducing operating expenses.

Lastly, the flexibility offered by add-ons like mounting frames, antibacterial films, and custom cabling provide tailor-made solutions for different locations and customer requirements.


The 4″ square IPS TFT LCD screen has proven to be an ideal choice for this application, offering a robust, high-performing, and customer-friendly solution. It demonstrates how careful consideration of display technology can enhance user experience, reduce operational costs, and ultimately contribute to the successful proliferation of EV charging stations.

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