Powering Precision: The KUB4824CCS Series Elevates the Game

4th March 2024

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In the dynamic landscape of power supplies, where innovation and efficiency drive progress, Relec Electronics proudly introduces the latest marvel in its line up – the KUB4824CCS series of non-isolated DC DC converters.

A Glimpse into the Past

Rewind to 2020, the KUB48 series made its debut, setting new benchmarks for performance, reliability, and compact efficiency in non-isolated DC DC converters design with a wide input range up to 75V and outputs of 12V and 24V at 10A made them the ideal partner for next generation robotics. Fast forward to the present, and the evolution continues with the KUB4824CCS series, crafted to surpass its predecessor with enhanced features and even greater efficiency.

Introducing the KUB4824CCS Series

The non-isolated DC DC converters, KUB4824CCS series, is more refined, more powerful, and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. With its 24VDC nominal output voltage and exceptional power density, this series is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance without occupying valuable space.

This series isn’t just about delivering power; it’s about delivering it with precision and protection. With features designed to ensure compatibility across a broad range of power networks and safeguard devices from over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits, the KUB4824CCS is the guardian your projects need. 

Elevating the Standard

In today’s world, where efficiency and compact design are paramount, the KUB4824CCS series stands out. Mornsun have upped standards with an efficiency of 95%, wide input range from  33 – 75Vdc all incorporated in a rugged IP65 rated enclosure. It’s crafted for those who demand the best in power supply technology – combining the reliability  with the agility and precision needed for cutting-edge applications. Whether it’s industrial automation, telecommunications, or medical devices, this series ensures your projects are powered to perfection.

Medical Devices

Non-isolated dc dc converters for medical devices
Non-isolated dc dc converters for industrial automation

Industrial automation


Non-isolated dc dc converters for telecommunication towers

Power Your Projects with Relec

At Relec Electronics, we’re not just suppliers; we’re your partners in innovation, helping you navigate the complexities of power supply technology. The non-isolated DC DC Converters, KUB4824CCS series, exemplifies our commitment to offering the best, backed by expert advice and support.

Whether you’re embarking on a new project or looking to enhance an existing one, the KUB4824CCS series is ready to elevate your designs. It’s not just a DC DC converter; it’s a step towards the future of efficient and reliable power solutions.

Visit us to discover how the KUB4824CCS series can transform your projects. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect power solution, ensuring your success is powered by precision and expertise. With Relec Electronics, you’re not just building for today; you’re powering tomorrow. 

Non-isolated DC DC converters
KUB48 Series options:

Input: 33-72Vdc

Outputs: 24V dc

Power: 250/400 Watt

Tamb: -40°C to +70°C

Dims: 140.00 × 90.00 × 47.00 mm

EN62368-1 Approved

Input: 9-60V dc

Outputs: 0 - 60V dc (adjustable)

Power: 600 Watt max

Tamb: -40°C to +105°C

Dims: Eighth brick package

Non isolated, Regulated output

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Relec Electronics are pleased to announce the general availability of the KUB48 Series, ultra high density non isolated DC DC converters. The KUB Series are ideally suited to robotic, home automation and general logistics applications where the primary source is a battery.

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At Relec Electronics, we are committed to empowering your applications with the right power conversion solutions. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience, we guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your specific needs.

In the ever-evolving world of power electronics, having a trusted partner like Relec Electronics by your side ensures that you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of power conversion, driving your applications to new heights of performance and reliability. 

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