Unbreakable Companions: The Evolution and Edge of Rugged Tablets

12th March 2024

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In an era where technology is as crucial as the air we breathe, the demand for devices that can survive the toughest environments is skyrocketing. Enter the rugged tablet. What sets a rugged tablet apart from its sleeker, more fragile cousins and why engineers are raving about these unstoppable devices? Let’s explore the world of heavy-duty tablets and we’ll highlight the innovations Relec Electronics, in partnership with MACTRON Group, can supply. 

What Is a Rugged Tablet?

At its core, a rugged tablet is engineered to endure conditions that would spell doom for standard tablets. Think of it as the difference between a sports car and an off-road vehicle; both have their place, but only one can navigate rough terrains without breaking a sweat. Rugged tablets are built with durability in mind, meeting stringent MIL-STD 810G standards for toughness and boasting IP67 ratings for waterproofing. These devices shrug off shocks, dust, liquids, and even the occasional tumble, making them ideal for the unpredictable challenges of both medical environments and the great outdoors. Beyond their physical durability, these devices showcase wide operating temperature ranges, ensuring consistent performance in extreme cold or heat—ensuring high reliability. Moreover, our rugged tablets come equipped with operating systems tailored for both Windows and Android users, offering versatility to meet a broad range of professional needs and preferences.

What are The Difference Between Rugged Tablets and Tablets?

The distinction between rugged and regular tablets goes beyond the surface, reaching into their core architecture and the environments for which they are designed. Regular tablets are perfect for light, everyday use—browsing, streaming, and gaming. Rugged tablets, however, are the workhorses designed for the battlefield, whether that’s a rain-soaked construction site or a bustling hospital ward. 

Our Champions

Our rugged tablets excel in a wide range of settings, from the metallic dust-laden air of CNC machine filled production areas, to the challenging environments of nursing, where exposure to various cleaning agents and fluids is common. Their robust construction makes them an essential tool in industries like construction, logistics, field services, and healthcare. Whether it’s inventory management, navigation, or accessing critical data, these tablets combine durability with cutting-edge technology, empowering professionals to perform at their best under any conditions. 

MMS Series

Medical Grade
Windows OS
IP54, Drop Resistance

MAV Series

Perfect for Vehicles
Android OS
NFC Module
High Brightness

MAA Series

Automation Ready
Android OS
Sunlight Readable
High brightness
Dual battery

MAS Series

Automation Ready
Windows OS
Sunlight Readable
High brightness
Dual battery

A Peek into the Future of Durable Tablets for Field Work

In the evolving world of display technology, we’re committed to meeting and exceeding professional expectations across diverse sectors. Our line up at Relec Electronics, suitable for industries from medical healthcare to industrial automation, demonstrates our focus on reliability and innovation. Watch this space for future developments; we’re excited about what’s to come.

Durable Tablets for Field Work with a chain around it to portray what we are bring out soon.

Durable tablets for field work have become the go-to companion for professionals from the emergency room to the construction site. Equipped with up to 8GB of memory, 1TB SSD storage, and battery life designed to outlast even the most gruelling shifts, these tablets stand ready to face whatever challenges come their way. And with a wide array of customisable options, including barcode scanners, smart card readers, and docking cradles, we’re here to ensure that your rugged tablet perfectly aligns with your unique operational needs. 

The Indestructible Choice

The collaboration between Relec Electronics and MACTRON on the MMS and MAV series marks a significant advancement in rugged tablet technology. These tablets offer exceptional durability, technical excellence, and a wide range of accessories, showcasing our firm commitment to innovation and quality. For professionals seeking devices that endure the challenges of demanding settings, your search ends here. The future of rugged tablets has arrived, promising exciting possibilities.

Stay tuned for what’s next. We’ve got something up our sleeve that’s going to help the way you choose your rugged tablets. Trust us; you won’t want to miss it. 

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Relec Electronics, the leading distributor of high-quality power and display solutions, is excited to announce the further development of their partnership with MACTRON Group for the distribution of the MMS and MAV series of rugged tablets in the UK market…

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