600W Buck-Boost Converter Powering the rise of Robotics

8th October 2021

KUB4836EB Series Buck-Boost DC-DC Converters from Mornsun

Very high-density, non-isolated, buck-boost, dc-dc converters in the KUB4836EB series have the capability to power motors used in some of the most sophisticated industrial robotics.

Available from Relec Electronics, the extremely versatile KUB4836EB series dc-dc converters are designed to power the larger motors found in robots in the manufacturing, inspection & maintenance, and security sectors. Supplied in a compact, 1/8th brick package, the 600W buck-boost dc-dc converters have an adjustable output voltage (0 – 60Vdc) and adjustable current (from 0 -10A). Full control of output voltage and current makes the KUB4836EB series ideal for controlling motor speed and position in modern robotic systems. The very wide, regulated single output operates from an input range of 9V – 60Vdc. As a result, the single series of dc-dc converters can cover operate from a very wide input range covering 12V, 24V and 48V bus and battery voltages.

Wide Input range and adjustable outputs

The converters are ideally suited to inspection and maintenance robots which often have to work in hazardous and constrained environments. The combination of high power density and conduction cooling make them ideal components to work in sealed enclosures. A growth market for robotics is security and monitoring systems which perform surveillance and observation in selected areas, tracking activity and sending alerts when any irregularities occur. Increasingly telepresence robots are used to provide remote access to staff and visitors, or as part of a Covid-19 response to ensure a sanitised workplace 24/7. The wide input range and ability to supply outputs higher than the input (Boost mode) are key features of the KUB4836EB series.

KUB4836EB Series Buck-Boost DC-DC Power Banner | Ultra-Compact | Mornsun

High Density & Efficiency

The converters also find a number of applications in automated production lines, conveyer systems, and welding machines. Voltage or resistor programming options allow both the voltage or current to be adjusted to meet an application’s specific requirements.

Safety features include input under-voltage, output short circuit, over-temperature protection, remote on/off, output voltage adjustment, output current adjustment. The converter’s Imon pin measures and monitors the output current.

The versatile dc-dc buck-boost converters are supplied in an industry-standard one-eighth brick and pin-out, with dimensions of 60.8 x 25.0 x 12.7mm with options for standard PCB mounting or an external heatsink via a flange plate.

Mornsun’s automated manufacturing with surface mount device reflow soldering ensures quality and reliability. The five-sided metal housing simplifies assembly while ensuring good thermal dissipation for efficient operation. There is also the option of an additional cold wall flange plate for space-limited projects.

The operating case temperature range is -40 to +105°C.

The very high-density operation, adjustable output voltage and current, together with a wide input range and thermal dissipation, make the KUB4836EB converters ideally suited to a wide range of demanding industrial and battery-powered systems. In addition to complex inspection or security robotics, the high-density, efficient dc-dc converters are ideal for use in a wide variety of motors, drones and telecom applications. They can also be used in dc-dc distributed power supplies and any other systems which require wide input voltages with robust, reliable operation.

KUB4836EB Series from Mornsun Power

KUB4836EB Series | 600 Watt | Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters | Relec

KUB4836EB Series

Input: 9 to 60V dc
Outputs: 0 – 60V dc (Adjustable)
Power: 600W Max
Tamb: -40 to +105°C
Dims: Eighth Brick Package
Non-Isolated, Regulated Output
3 Years Manufacturer Warranty


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