Getting a Warm Reception: Relec’s Practical Approach with Rugged TFT Displays

12th February 2024

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In the dynamic environment of medical receptions, where efficiency is paramount, a significant change is taking place. The traditional reception desk is evolving, thanks to technological advancements. Relec Electronics, has introduced a range of rugged TFT displays with PCAP touch panels, designed for doctor’s surgery reception kiosks. This case study looks at how these displays blend durability with modern technology to improve patient interactions at the first point of contact. 


Understanding the Challenge

Imagine a typical doctor’s surgery: a reception area that sees a wide range of interactions throughout the day. Traditional systems often struggle to keep up with the high demand, leading to wear and tear. The goal was to find a solution that not only meets the technological needs of a modern reception but also withstands frequent use.  Our customer was looking for a 10.1” display with simple connections both electrically and mechanically.


Introducing Relec's Rugged Displays

Relec’s solution comes in the form of rugged TFT displays equipped with PCAP touch panels and HDMI inputs. Our 10.1″ displays are designed to endure, ensuring that the technology patients interact with is both cutting-edge and robust.  Ease of use and durability was paramount to this application and we were able to offer the following features: 

Feature 1: HDMI Input – Simplifying Technology

The HDMI input feature of these displays simplifies integration of hdmi display into the kiosk, making life simple for the design engineer. This plug-and-play functionality eliminates common technological hurdles, speeding up the design in process.

Rugged tft HDMI input

Feature 2: VESA Mounting – Flexible Integration

The VESA mounting system offers a straightforward approach to integrating these displays into kiosks. This feature ensures that standard production runs or modifications for bespoke reception areas is not a complex task, fitting into various spaces with ease. 

Rugged TFT Vesa Mouting

Feature 3: Durable PCAP Touch Panel Design

The rugged design of the PCAP touch panels is central to these displays. They are made to withstand frequent use, ensuring that the screens remain responsive and functional, even in high-traffic areas. 

Rugged TFT PCAP Touch Panel


Streamlining the Design Process for Engineers

With Relec’s rugged TFT displays integrated into doctor’s surgery reception kiosks, the design process has undergone a significant transformation. Engineers, tasked with crafting these vital points of contact, now have a partner who can supply efficiently and reliability for all their display needs. 

The Practical Benefits

Full Rugged TFT Kiosk Solution

Ease of Integration

The HDMI input and VESA mounting features significantly simplify the physical and digital integration of displays into kiosks. Engineers can quickly incorporate these displays into their designs without the need for extensive modifications or custom fittings. This plug-and-play capability reduces development time and allows for greater focus on innovative aspects of kiosk design.

Durability Designed for Demand

Recognising the importance of longevity in high-traffic environments, the rugged PCAP touch panel design ensures that the displays withstand repeated use. This durability is a crucial factor for engineers, providing them with confidence that the products they design will offer sustained performance and reliability, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

A Partner in Problem-Solving

Beyond the physical product, Relec’s expertise in display technology acts as an extended resource for engineers. Our commitment to supporting the design process, from concept through to completion, means that engineers have access to knowledgeable advice and guidance. This collaborative approach helps in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities for innovation in kiosk design.

The introduction of Relec’s rugged TFT displays is more than just an advancement in technology; it represents a shift towards more collaborative, efficient, and reliable design processes in the medical sector. For engineers, the experience of designing with these rugged TFT displays is not just about the ease of integration or the durability of the product. It’s about being part of a solution that enhances patient interactions at a fundamental level, proving that thoughtful design and robust technology can go hand in hand.

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