Keeping It Sharp: A Medical Diagnostic monitor case study

10th January 2024

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In the fast-paced world of medical technology, the integration of sophisticated display technologies is vital for developing user-friendly and efficient diagnostic tools. Our latest project, featuring a 2.8” TFT IPS display, characterises this innovation.

Tasked by a leading healthcare technology company, we embarked on creating a handheld medical diagnostic monitor that not only fulfilled technical requirements but also echoed the company’s unique brand identity and operational needs. This case study highlights our journey from the initial challenge to delivering a refined, high-performance solution that redefines the standards of medical monitoring, showcasing our dedication to advancing display technology in healthcare


A leading healthcare technology company approached us with specific needs for their handheld medical diagnostic monitor. Their requirements included:

2.8” TFT Display

Compact yet clear enough for detailed medical data.

Ease of Production Assistance

To streamline their manufacturing process.

Wide Viewing Angles

Essential for flexible, on-the-go medical assessments.

High Quality and Longevity

The medical environment demands durability and consistent performance.

Unique Aesthetics

To align with their distinct brand identity.

PCAP Touch Functionality

For intuitive, responsive interactions, even with gloves.

Optimal Readability

In various lighting conditions, crucial for medical accuracy.

Medical Diagnostic monitor product integration


Our response was a tailored solution, leveraging our expertise and the latest technology: 

Selected TFT

We chose this specific 2.8” QVGA IPS TFT LCD Display for its superior image quality and reliability.

Optimized Brightness

We integrated low brightness levels with optical bonding, achieving excellent daylight readability while minimizing power consumption.

Medical Diagnostic monitor product used

Advanced PCAP Touch

Enhanced to function flawlessly with medical gloves, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

Custom Cover Glass

Featuring the client’s Pantone-matched logo, adding a unique, branded touch.

Custom Glass Shape

Designed for a perfect fit, complemented with double-sided adhesive for easy integration into the client’s production line.

Integrated FPC

Attached to the LCD’s back, simplifying the assembly process and reducing production time.


The outcome was a state-of-the-art handheld medical diagnostic monitor, exceeding client expectations:

Enhanced Usability

The monitor’s design and features ensured seamless operation, even in demanding medical environments.

Brand Consistency

The custom aesthetics vividly represented the client’s brand, setting their product apart in the competitive healthcare market.

Efficient Production

Our modifications significantly eased the assembly process, leading to quicker production times and reduced costs.

The collaboration with Relec Electronics transformed our vision into reality. Their expertise in TFT technology and attention to detail enabled us to deliver a superior handheld medical diagnostic monitor that’s not only technically advanced but also aesthetically pleasing. The ease of production and tailored features have set a new standard in our product line.

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