Super Widescreen 8″ TFT

14th September 2016

Relec Displays newest offering is a super widescreen 8” TFT.  The industry standard for displays is typically either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios; this new 8” offers a super wide 10:3 aspect ratio, commonly known as the letterbox shape due to its outline and appearance.

This latest display is an 8” diagonal size 1600 x 480 resolution panel, incorporating IPS technology giving full viewing angles in all directions and eliminating the grey inversion that most industrial TN TFT panels suffer from.  Further features & optical performance are:

8” 1600 x 480 resolution
Active area dimensions of 194.4mm x 58.32mm
An 8-bit LVDS interface for up to 16.7 million different colours
Wide operation temperature of -20°C to + 70°C
900:1 Contrast ratio
IPS Technology for full viewing angles
Brightness level options of either 500 cd/m² or 2000 cd/m²
Long life LED backlight of 50,000 hours
There are two different options available for the 13-080BIEB0H, both units offer all the above features, with the only difference being the brightness.  The 13-080BIEB0HA0-S has a brightness level of 500 cd/m² which would be suited for most indoor and ambient light environments, whereas the 13-080BIEB0HA1-S has an extremely high brightness of 2000 cd/m² aimed at outdoor applications and in direct sunlight environments.

The initial design for this panel was intended for automotive application (as an alternative to a rear-view mirror), however Digiwise has extended the spec so it can be used in a variety of different applications, which include; marine applications, conference call & phone systems, automotive applications, digital signage and medical instruments.

These TFT displays are available with various different options that can further enhance the displays performance or to suit to your required applications.  Options such as:

Custom touch panels, either resistive or projective capacitive
Optical Bonding for improved ruggedness & daylight viewing
Various different surface treatments
Custom interface cards for connecting directly to a PC, with all cables
Thick cover glass for additional protection & the option of custom printing the glass
For further information or to discuss your application with one of our experienced team members please contact our technical sales team: e-mail or telephone 01929 555800.

John Stone

Sales Director

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