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Power > B_S-1WR3 Series
B_S-1WR3 Series | Mornsun Power UK | 5Vdc - 24Vdc | DC-DC Converter

B_S-1WR3 Series

Inputs: 5V to 24Vdc
Outputs: 3V3 to 24V dc
Power: 1 Watt
Tamb: -40°C to +105°C
Dims: 11.60 x 6.00 x 10.16 mm
1500V Isolation, 3kV (1 sec)

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The B_S-1WR3 series are specially designed for applications where a low power supply voltage has to be derived from a fixed bus voltage

The B_S-1WR3 series are suitable for use where

a) Where the voltage of the input power supply is fixed (voltage variation < ±10%);
b) Where isolation is required between input and output (isolation voltage <1500VDC);
c) Where the regulation of the output voltage is not critical

Typical applications include digital circuits, low frequency analog circuits, and IGBT drive circuits

B0503S-1WR34.5Vdc - 5.5Vdc3V3dc1W
B0505S-1WR34.5Vdc - 5.5Vdc5Vdc1W
B0509S-1WR34.5Vdc - 5.5Vdc9Vdc1W
B0512S-1WR34.5Vdc - 5.5Vdc12Vdc1W
B0515S-1WR34.5Vdc - 5.5Vdc15Vdc1W
B0524S-1WR34.5Vdc - 5.5Vdc24Vdc1W
B1203S-1WR310.8 - 13.2Vdc3V3dc1W
B1205S-1WR310.8 - 13.2Vdc5Vdc1W
B1209S-1WR310.8 - 13.2Vdc9Vdc1W
B1212S-1WR310.8 - 13.2Vdc12Vdc1W
B1215S-1WR310.8 - 13.2Vdc15Vdc1W
B1224S-1WR310.8 - 13.2Vdc24Vdc1W
B1505S-1WR313.5 - 16.5Vdc5Vdc1W
B1509S-1WR313.5 - 16.5Vdc9Vdc1W
B1512S-1WR313.5 - 16.5Vdc12Vdc1W
B1515S-1WR313.5 - 16.5Vdc15Vdc1W
B2403S-1WR321.6 - 26.4Vdc3V31W
B2405S-1WR321.6 - 26.4Vdc5Vdc1W
B2409S-1WR321.6 - 26.4Vdc9Vdc1W
B2412S-1WR321.6 - 26.4Vdc12Vdc1W
B2415S-1WR321.6 - 26.4Vdc15Vdc1W
B2424S-1WR321.6 - 26.4Vdc24Vdc1W


Click on the link below for an instant download.

  • B05_S-1WR3 Series Datasheet
  • B_S-1WR3 Series Datasheet

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