Polarized Lens Friendly TFT Displays

7th November 2019

Wave Retarder solutions
for multi-viewing angle TFT displays with polarized lens sunglasses

The advantages of wearing Polarized Lens sunglasses are well documented, but there can sometimes be issues reading TFT displays with different viewing angles. TFT displays output light which is inherently polarized in one plane. If this plane is 90 degrees out of sync with the wearer’s sunglasses, this can make TFT displays all but unreadable, leaving the screen virtually black to the observer.  This might be especially important where standard landscape displays are used in portrait mode.

Relec Electronics has been working closely with their partners at Digiwise to develop a solution for high brightness TFT displays which overcomes this problem through the introduction of a ¼ Wave retarder film.

How Polarized Lens Work
Diagram of how a Wave Retarder works @ Relec Electronics Ltd

A wave retarder is a material or film that has different refraction indices for linearly polarized light traveling in one or other of two perpendicular axes (Fast and slow). By optimizing these characteristics, we can control the polarization components of the light wave, thus reducing any conflicts with polarized sunglasses.

Why use a Relec solution?

Polarized Lens Features
Polarized Lens Features @ Relec Electronics Ltd

Relec’s TFT modules are available with exceptionally high brightness levels of up to 1500cd/m2, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.  When fitted with a  ¼ wave retarder film, the display can be used in either portrait or landscape mode with polarized sunglasses.

Relec is also able to offer display solutions with a wide range of options, including either PCAP or resistive touch screens, optical bonding, water rejection, glove touch, and anti-bacterial films.  Our team of engineers is on hand today to help you develop the best solution for your application.

Our fully-trained technical staff has the knowledge to help you from sourcing and manufacturing. We aim to find you the best solution for your application. We also carry stock on most display items, so get in touch today.

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