Digital Control of AC-DC Power Supplies

19th November 2019

Digital Control of AC-DC Power – Cotek AE / AEK Series

The AE and AEK series from Cotek are chassis mount, fan-cooled AC DC power supplies with power outputs from 800 Watts to 3000Watts. The AE and AEK families all have the same wide-ranging feature set, which coupled with digital control, make them one of the most versatile power supply families on the market. Digital Control of AC-DC Power.

Key features include

  • Universal mains input voltage (90 – 264V ac)
  • Wide DC input range (127 – 370V dc)
  • DC Power from 800W to 3000W
  • Standard DC output voltages 12V, 15V, 24V, 30V, 36V, 48V & 60V
  • Optional DC voltages 150V, 200V, 250V, 300V & 400V
  • Output voltage control from 0 – 105%
  • Output current limit control from 0 – 105%
  • Full digital control through I2C and RS232/RS485 (optional cards) of voltage and current
  • Full analogue control of voltage and current
  • Constant current limit (Square law)

It is the combination of a wide control range and the ability to control through I2C control that we examine in more detail.

What is I2C?

I2C is a serial communication protocol that has been around since the 1980s. I2C is widely used to control peripheral modules over short distances from a PC, embedded computer or programmable logic controller (PLC). I2C is extremely flexible and simple to use. There can be more than one master controller which has advantages in industrial applications. An I2C bus consists of just 2 wires SCL (Clock) and SDA (Data) and can be implemented with even the simplest of micro-controllers.

Each device connected to an I2C bus will have a unique address. The Cotek AE & AEK series each have an 8 position rotary switch which allows each power supply to have a unique address, with up to 8 fully independent power supplies controllable in a system.


What can be read or controlled by I2C

The communications protocol for the power supplies can be used to both interrogate and program the power supply. The following parameters and data can be read by the system controller.

  • Manufacturer
  • Model Name
  • Revision
  • Output Voltage
  • Date of Manufacture

  • Revision
  • Serial Number
  • Country of Manufacture
  • Rated Output Voltage
  • Rated Output Current

There is also the ability to read real-time values for the following parameters of the power supply.

  • Output Voltage
  • Output Current
  • Internal Temperature
  • Over Voltage Shutdown
  • Overload Protection (Current Limit)
  • Over Temperature Protection

  • Fan Failure
  • Auxiliary or Main Power Output Failure
  • High-Temperature Alarm > 75*C
  • AC Power Low
  • AC Power Off

At the same time, there are 3 writable addresses which can be used to program the power supply.

  • Output Voltage
  • Output Current
  • Output control register

The output control register allows the user to control the following:

  • Power On / Off
  • Local (Analogue) Control or Remote (I2C)
  • Command Update

The combination of these features makes for an extremely powerful system where real-time feedback is required.

Typical Applications

Peltier Heaters

Test Equipment

Super Conductor control

Cathodic Protection

Battery Chargers

Umbilically Connected Devices

Battery Simulators


Water Purification

EV Charging Station (1.5KW & 3KW)

Industrial Heating
Test Equipment
Water Treatment

AE / AEK Power supplies from Cotek

The AE and AEK series cover 3 power ranges from 800W to 3000W. Each unit has a universal mains input and is both CE marked and UL approved for global use. Each family covers standard DC outputs from 12V to 60V with options for 150V to 400V on request. As well as I2C control there are also interface cards for RS232 and RS485 control and also the ability to control the power supply via 0 – 5V dc analogue control signals.

Relec Electronics has worked closely with Cotek for over 10 years and have a team of dedicated engineers ready to support you throughout the design process. Relec carries stock of all standard modules and accessories for next day delivery.

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