NEVO+600S – The Modular Pint-Sized Powerhouse

21st November 2023

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In the dynamic world of industrial modular power supplies, the NEVO+600S series from Vox Power stands out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Relec Electronics is proud to announce availability of stock, bringing this cutting-edge technology to our discerning clientele. This blog delves into the features and benefits of the NEVO+600S modular power supplies, demonstrating why they are an essential component for demanding modular power industrial applications. 

Compact Design, Maximum Efficiency

The NEVO+600S series represents a breakthrough in modular power supply design. With a footprint of just 5” x 3” x 1.61”, it is the smallest in its class, yet it delivers a formidable 600 Watts of power spread across up to 8 isolated outputs. This equates to a power density of 25 Watts per cubic inch, a testament to Vox Power’s commitment to high-density power solutions. The compact size does not come at the expense of performance, making the NEVO+600S an ideal solution for applications where space is at a premium. 

Modular Power and Flexibility

Flexibility is at the heart of the NEVO+600S design. The input module can accommodate up to four isolated output modules, allowing for configurations as a high-power single output power supply or a multiple output supply with up to 8 isolated outputs. This modularity ensures that the NEVO+600S can adapt to a variety of power requirements, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of industrial applications

NEVO+600S Modular Power Supply

Specifications at a Glance

AC input voltage: 85 – 264 VRMS

Size: 3 x 5 x 1.61 Inches

Power rating: 600 Watts

Efficiency: Up to 90%

Power factor: 0.99

Holdup: 20mS

Ambient operating temperature: -20°C To 70°C (Derating above 50°C)

Input leakage current: < 1500uA

NEVO+600S Modular Power Supply

Intelligent Features for Enhanced Performance

The modular power supply, NEVO+600S series, is equipped with intelligent fan control, which optimises airflow based on load and temperature conditions, ensuring efficient cooling and enhanced reliability. The wide output voltage adjust range, along with options for constant current or voltage operation, parallel and series connection of modules, and series tracker and I2C options, underscore the power supply’s adaptability.

Quiet Operation

Understanding the need for quiet operation in certain environments, Vox Power offers a low noise fan option for the NEVO+600S series. This feature allows the power supply to be used in noise-sensitive areas without compromising on performance. 

Safety and Standards Compliance

Safety is paramount in industrial settings, and the NEVO+600S series is approved to the latest safety and industrial standards, including EN/UL62368-1 2nd & 3rd Edition. This compliance ensures that the power supply is not only powerful and efficient but also meets rigorous safety criteria.

Output Options for Every Need

Output Options for Every

The NEVO+600S series offers a range of output options to cater to
various power needs:
  • OP1: 1.5V-7.5V, 25A, 125W
  • OP2: 4.5V-15V, 15A, 150W
  • OP3: 9V-30V, 7.5A, 150W
  • OP4: 18V-58V, 3.75A, 150W
  • OP5: Dual 3.3V-15V, 5A, 2 x 75W
  • OPA2: 4.5V-15V, 25A, 300W
  • OPA3: 9V-30V, 15A, 300W
NEVO+600S Modular Power Supply Output Options




1.5V-7.5V, 25A, 125W

4.5V-15V, 15A, 150W

9V-30V, 7.5A, 150W





18V-58V, 3.75A, 150W

Dual 3.3V-15V, 5A, 2 x 75W

4.5V-15V, 25A, 300W

9V-30V, 15A, 300W

NEVO+600S Modular Power Supply Output Options
NEVO+600S Modular Power Supply Output Options


The NEVO+600S series from Vox Power, now available from stock through Relec Electronics, is a game-changer in the industrial power supply market. Its unparalleled combination of compact size, modular power, intelligent features, and compliance with safety standards makes it the ultimate power solution for demanding applications. With the NEVO+600S, industrial power supply has been redefined, offering unrivalled performance and flexibility in a small, efficient package.

For more information on how the NEVO+600S series can revolutionise your power supply needs, contact our expert team today.

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Relec Electronics, a prominent UK-based distributor of power supplies and displays technology, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Vox Power, a cutting-edge and innovative manufacturer of industrial & medical configurable power supply solutions. This collaboration will offer customers an unmatched range of products, services, and the very best technical support to cater to diverse market needs.

Relec Electronics, a prominent UK-based distributor of power supplies and displays technology, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Vox Power, a cutting-edge and innovative manufacturer of industrial & medical configurable power supply solutions. 

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