Flexible DC UPS Systems for Industrial Applications

4th February 2021

Flexible DC UPS Systems for Industrial Applications

Availability and Reliability is a key factor in so many parts of our industry, be it machinery, process control, security, or communications. This applies not just to the equipment itself but even more fundamentally to the incoming power source.  Flexible DC UPS Systems can easily be protected against power outages with an external battery, but the charging and maintenance of those batteries is crucial to maintaining the highest levels of availability and maintainability.

The CBI series of DC UPS modules from Adel Systems are packed full of features which ensure that batteries are kept in perfect condition but also aid system designers to minimize the number of external components and modules.

Optimized Power Management

The CBI series of DC-UPS units have the ability to smart-manage the available power between the load and the battery. Power to the load is always the first priority of the unit,
therefore it is not necessary to double the power of the system.

Power Boost

Power boost mode allows the load current to be 2x the rated output current for continuous operation and 3x the rated current for 4 seconds. This provides flexibility when powering highly inductive loads like motors and machinery.

Smart Battery Management

The DC-UPS ensures continuous power to the load even when the battery is completely discharged. Multi-stage charging optimizes and adapts to the battery status. The CBI series of DC-UPS can recharge deeply discharged batteries even when their voltage is close to zero, thus allowing recharge and complete recovery of
flat batteries.

Time Buffering

The CBI series has the ability to set the length of time systems will run for after the mains has either failed or been turned off. This can be useful with machines and process control applications which aren’t running 24 hours a day.

Restart Battery without Mains

Most DC UPS systems will not restart until mains power is applied, but the CBI series have an override system available, via RTCONN cable connections, or via a pushbutton on the front panel.


Multi-stage Charging Modes

Automatic multi-stage charging and real time diagnostics allow fast recharge and recovery of deeply discharged batteries, adding value and reliability to the system.

Communication & Monitoring – Adelview

The ADELSystem platform communication protocol ADELBus, allows the connection of system components in a simple yet powerful way. A communication protocol based on MODbus-RTU or CANbus technology, monitoring and control of all parameters in the system can be facilitated either locally or via the internet, by means of application tools and cloud based applications. ADELSystem allows users to implement very simple but sophisticated monitoring and control for DC energy systems and opens new opportunities to simplify system design.

Battery Care

All Products in the CBI series are completely automatic and can charge any battery chemistry using factory preset charging curves.  These include open lead acid, sealed lead acid, lead gel, Ni-Cd & Li-Ion. These CBI series are very flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of the user and the application requirements.


Battery life can be significantly increased by maintaining the correct charge voltage in accordance with the ambient temperature of the battery.  An externally connected sensor automatically adjusts the system charge voltage in order to maximise the life of the connected batteries.

Diagnostic Battery testing

The CBI series constantly poll the batteries to determine its condition in real time.  These guarantee battery reliability in real-time by continuously testing the internal impedance and avoids risk of damage to the system and provides a reliable and safe connection of the battery. These tests and corresponding alarms include:

  • Reverse polarity connection
  • Disconnected battery
  • Short circuit battery element
  • Open circuit or sulphated battery.
  • Poor battery connection
Flexible DC UPS Systems | CBI Series | Industrial Power | ADEL Systems

Flexible DC UPS Systems

CBI123A Series | ADEL Systems | DC-UPS Power Supply | UK Distributor

CBI123A Series

Input range: 90 to 305Vac
Outputs: 12Vdc – 3A to 9A (With battery)
Power: 36 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 70°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 65mm

CBI243A Series | ADEL Systems | DC-UPS Power | UK Distributor

CBI243A Series

Input: 90 to 305Vac
Outputs: 24Vdc – 3A
Power: 72 Watt
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 65 x 115 x 135 mm

CBI126A Series | ADEL Systems | DC-UPS Power Supply | UK Distributor

CBI126A Series

Input: 115 to 277V ac
Outputs 12Vdc – 6A to 18A (With battery)
Power: 72 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 65mm

CBI1210A Series

Input: 115 – 230Vac
Outputs: 12Vdc – 10A
Power: 120 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 65mm

CBI245A Series

Input: 90 to 305Vac
Outputs: 24Vdc – 5A
Power: 120 Watt
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 655 mm

CBI2801224A Series

Input: 90 – 135V ac / 180 – 305V ac
Outputs: 10 – 14.4V dc / 22 – 28.8V dc
Power: 180 / 240 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 100 mm

CBI2410A Series

Input: 115 to 277Vac
Outputs: 24Vdc – 5A
Power: 120 Watt
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 100 mm

CBI485A Series

Input: 115 to 277Vac
Outputs: 48Vdc – 5A
Power: 240 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 100 mm

CBI1235A Series

Input: 115 to 277Vac
Outputs: 12Vdc 35A
Power: 420 Watt
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 150 x 115 x 135 mm

CBI4810A Series

Input: 115 to 277Vac
Outputs: 48Vdc – 10A
Power: 500 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 150 x 115 x 135 mm

CBI2420A Series

Input: 115 to 277Vac
Outputs: 24Vdc – 20A
Power: 500 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 150 x 115 x 135 mm

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