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CBI1210A Series | ADEL Systems | DC-UPS Power Supply | UK Distributor
CBI1210A Series | ADEL Systems | DC-UPS Power Supply | UK Distributor

CBI1210A Series

Input: 90 – 305Vac
Outputs 12Vdc – 10A
Power: 120 Watt (Charge)
Tamb: -25 to 71°C
Dims: 135 x 115 x 65mm
Approvals: EN62368-1
Made in Italy

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ADEL Systems are an Italian manufacturer of Power supplies, battery chargers and DC-UPS systems.

Adel were founded in 1991 and are recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of DC UPS and intelligent battery chargers with a strong reputation for high quality standards and extremely reliable products. They have developed more than 250 models for a variety of different applications including, Fire Protection, Network Security, Power Generation, Elevators & Industrial Process Control amongst many others.

Adel Systems focus is on research, development & engineering, with a view to supplying enhanced product features that ensure they consistently meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of a global customer base.

The CBI1210A is a feature rich DC-UPS unit suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.  Functionality highlights include:

Optimized Power Management

The CBI series of  DC-UPS units have the ability to smart-manage the available power between the load and the battery. Power to the load is always the first priority of the unit; therefore it is not necessary to double the power of the system.

Power Boost

Power Boost mode allows the load current to be 2x the rated output current continuously and 3x the rated current for 4 secs.  This feature can be extremely useful for driving motors and other inductive loads.

Smart Battery Management

The DC-UPS ensures continuous power to the load even when the battery is completely discharged. Multi-stage operation optimizes and adapts to the battery status. The CBI series DC-UPS can recharge deeply discharged batteries even when their voltage is close to zero, thus allowing recharge and complete recovery of flat batteries.

Time Buffering

The CBI series has the ability to set the length of time systems will run after the mains has either failed, or been turned off.  This can be useful with machines and process control applications which aren’t running 24 hours a day

Restart from battery without mains

The CBI series have the ability to restart a system from battery power alone, before mains has been restored.  This can be controlled remotely on the modules themselves.

CBI1210A90 - 305V ac12Vdc – 10A120W


Click on the link below for an instant download.

  • CBI1210A Series Datasheet
  • CBI1210A Series Instruction Manual

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