RockTouch Touch Panels

11th June 2016

Relec are pleased to announce that we have recently teamed up with RockTouch, who are a high end Projective Capacitive Touch Panel manufacturer, to bring their products to the UK.

Rocktouch are an Italian company that combine Italy’s technology innovation with Taiwan’s development and production facilities to produce an innovative range of Projective Capacitive Touch Panels aimed at industrial applications.  With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Rocktouch also boasts an office in Italy to support its European partners.

There are 12 sizes available, ranging from 7” up to 31.5” with all having a Film-Film-Glass (F/F/G) structure with a choice of interfaces which include USB, RS232 or I²C.  Some key features of Rocktouch PCAP’s that offer advantages over other types of PCAP are:

Bespoke Controller Chip provides the best possible Signal to Noise Ratio at 32 V.  Currently no other controller can offer this. This greatly helps with EMC conformance and is ideal for applications such as automotive
Up to 10 point touch
Can be operated using gloves, even thick industrial gloves
Up to 10 mm thick cover glass
Industrial COF design for added protection from electrical noise & mechanical stress
Optional firmware features including: Frequency hopping; Water rejection & Palm rejection
RockTouch have now also released their new X-H20 Line that will continue to operate perfectly with running water over the cover glass.  This is available on all sizes.

As always, our aim here at Relec is to discuss the design & specification as much as possible with you our customers, to help you make the perfect selection for your requirements, and also support you from initial concept all the way through to production with any technical issues you may encounter.

With RockTouch we are able to custom tune the firmware to help keep EMC down to a minimum, whilst ensuring reliability, this may include the optimum amount of touch points for a customer’s application (the less the better for EMC) or changing the frequency to avoid conflicts.

If after all this EMC is still an issue, we will can take your final equipment (with a signed NDA of course), and further tune the PCAP firmware, in its application to ensure optimum performance.

Relec can either supply the touch panel as a component for customer integration, or with the help of Futurelabs (RockTouch’s parent company), we can provide the touch panel as part of an assembly to include the TFT panel. In addition we can tailor the whole assembly to your application, and modify them to include various options, for example:

Improving the brightness
Optical Bonding for high brightness applications especially outdoor. This also offers substantial mechanical improvements and is ideal for rugged applications. It also resolves the problem of condensation forming between the display and touch panel
Applying various different Surface Treatments
Supplying with custom tuned Interface Cards
Making the product more rugged

For further information or to discuss your application please contact our technical sales team: e-mail or telephone 01929 555800.

John Stone

Sales Director

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