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VCCM600S Series

Input: 85-264Vac
Outputs: 1.5 to 58Vdc
Power: 600 Watt
Tamb: -40°C to +70°C
Dims: 177.8 x 101.6 x 41 mm
IEC/UL60950-1 2nd Edition & IEC/UL62368-1 2nd Edition, MIL-STD Approved
5 Year warranty

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The VCCM600S is a conduction-cooled, configurable power supply that is silent, robust performance. With its compact 4″ x 7″ frame, it delivers a consistent 600 Watts, peaking at 750 Watts for 5-second intervals. It’s engineered as the prime power solution in scenarios where both reliability and noise control are paramount.

This innovative product merges the flexibility of modular design with the steadfast reliability of a fan-less architecture. Depending on your specific needs, the VCCM600S can be configured as a conduction, convection, or forced air-cooled solution. Such versatility makes it an ideal choice for standardizing your power platform across various applications.

Designed with the pinnacle of reliability and adaptability in mind, the VCCM600S thrives in everything from the most controlled environments to the harshest conditions. Its standard features encompass a full output voltage adjust range, externally controllable voltage and current, and series & paralleling of outputs.

What sets the VCCM600S apart are its unique design approach and heat dissipation techniques. This allows for mounting in almost any orientation, offering system designers unprecedented flexibility.

Finally, the VCCM600S series adheres to the latest industrial safety standards (IEC/UL60950-1 2nd Edition & IEC/UL62368-1 2nd Edition) and leads the market in specifications and application support. With its top-tier design, it stands as a testament to innovation in power supply technology.

The VCCM600S power supply is adept at serving a diverse range of industries and applications. From precision-driven environments like Test & Measurement and Laboratory & Analysis equipment to creative and technological fields like LED lighting, Robotics, and Display technologies, it offers consistent performance. Its robust design makes it equally suitable for demanding conditions faced in High vibration & shock scenarios, the Oil & Gas sector, and Avionics.

OPA5Vdc nom (1.5 - 7.5Vdc adj)125W
OPB12Vdc nom (4.5 - 15Vdc adj)150W
OPC24Vdc nom (9V - 30Vdc adj)150W
OPD48Vdc nom (18 - 58Vdc adj)150W
Note 1 - Output module, 30˚C base, 100% load, SR332 issue 2 Method I, Case 3, Ground, Fixed, Controlled
Note 2 - A = Remote Sense, B = External Voltage control, C = External constant current control, D = Current output signal, E = Current share, F =Over Voltage protection,
G = Over temperature protection


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  • VCCM600S Series Datasheet
  • VCCM600S User Manual

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