Power > CHB300-300SXX-CMFC Series
CHB300-300Sxx CMFC(D) Series

CHB300-300SXX-CMFC Series

Input: 180 to 425V dc
Outputs: 5V to 48V dc
Power: 300 Watt
Built in EMC Filter
3000V ac reinforced isolation

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The CHB300-300SXX-CMFC(D) series of chassis mountable DC-DC converters offers 300 watts of output power @ single output voltages of 5, 12, 24, 28, 48VDC. It has a wide (2:1) input voltage range of 180 to 425VDC (300VDC nominal) and 3000VAC renforced isolation.

High efficiency up to 90%, allowing case operating temperature range of –40°C to 100°C. An external heat sink is required to extend the full power range of the unit. Very low no load power consumption (10mA), an ideal solution for energy critical systems. Built-in EMI EN55032 (EN55022) filter. Meet EN45545.

The standard control functions include remote on/off (positive or negative) and +10%, -20% adjustable output voltage.

Fully protected against input UVLO (under voltage lock out), output over-current, output over-voltage and overtemperature and continuous short circuit conditions.

CHB300-300SXX-CMFC(D) series is designed primarily for common applications of 300V nominal voltage and also suitable for distributed power architectures, telecommunications, battery operated equipment and industrial applications.

180V-425V dc5V300W
180V-425V dc12V300W
180V-425V dc24V300W
180V-425V dc28V300W
180V-425V dc48V300W


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  • CHB300-300Sxx CMFC Series Datasheet
  • CHB300-300Sxx CMFC Series Application Notes

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