Elevating Autonomy: The Towering Triumph of ODX-6000 Inverter

5th July 2023

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In the ever-evolving industrial landscape, manufacturers are constantly challenged to deliver innovative solutions that cater to their customers’ evolving needs. One such challenge arose when a leading crane manufacturer sought to enable their cranes to operate autonomously, unrestricted by conventional electrical sockets. Join us as we explore how using multiple ODX-6000 DC to AC inverters emerged as the game-changing force behind this remarkable accomplishment.


Our customer, a renowned crane manufacturer, aimed to design and manufacture mobile cranes capable of lifting up to three tons, while ensuring they could operate autonomously for extended periods of eight hours between loads. The input power supply was a 24Vdc lithium battery, but the motors required a 440V 50Hz, three phase supply rated at 10kW peak to drive the crane motors.

The crane, located within a designated area of a nuclear power plant, is responsible for lifting a false floor that requires daily washing and cleaning.


In this project, the customer opted to utilize three ODX-6000 DC to AC Inverters wired in parallel to power the hoist motor. These parallelable inverters were installed within a sturdy metal enclosure situated inside the crane. The three ODX-6000 units work in unison to convert the energy stored in the lithium battery bank into power for the hoist motor.

ODX-6000 Series - dc to ac inverter

Sinewave output voltage



Alarm by isolated relay contacts

High input-output isolation 3000Vrms


Sine wave output voltage

Alarm by isolated relay contacts

High input-output isolation 3000Vrms



The customer selected the Premium PSU solution because it was the only offering on the market that seamlessly combined high power capacity with an industrial-grade, robust, and reliable design.

In the realm of power electronics, finding DC to AC inverters with a 24Vdc input capable of exceeding 10kW is challenging. However, our ODX-6000 not only reaches that power threshold but also offers the unique capability of working in parallel.

Premium PSU’s solution not only made the project feasible but also proved instrumental in addressing unforeseen challenges.

During the implementation process, it was discovered that when the crane lowers a three-ton weight to the ground, the weight itself generates an excitation or back EMF within the motor. This causes the stored potential energy to convert into electrical energy, flowing from the motor to the inverter potentially damaging the output of the inverter. While this level behaviour was not identified in the initial specification, our diligent engineering team quickly identified the root cause.

To safeguard the equipment our engineering team recommended incorporating breaking resistors into the inverter system. These resistors dissipate the excess energy, protecting the inverters from potential damage.

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Relec Electronics is pleased to announce the extension of Premium’s renowned OCS/ODX/OVX series of rugged DC-AC inverters with the OPS-260 series. 

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of Premium and Relec’s engineering teams, the problem was not only pinpointed, but our experts were able to simulate a system similar in the lab, which enabled us to calculate and size the necessary protection circuits, ensuring a seamless and reliable solution for our customer.

By leveraging the ODX-6000 DC to AC Inverter and the expertise of our engineering resources the customer achieved unprecedented levels of resilience and performance, setting new industry benchmarks for autonomous crane operations.

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