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Discover Relec Electronics’ premier range of TFT displays, blending advanced technology with superior visual quality. Tailored for professionals in any environment, our displays guarantee exceptional performance and reliability, from bright sunlight to indoor settings. Explore our wide selection below and experience the pinnacle of display excellence.

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RELEC’s 40 years of expertise in displays means we are able to offer not just components, but complete solutions tailored to your specific requirements. These might include the addition of a bespoke cover lens, with custom graphics and additional switching capabilities. 

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Upgrade With Enhancements​

Increase performance of your display with added enhancements like optical bonding!​
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Daylight Readable options

A variety of options over and above standard TFT panels, let's find your optimum backlight​
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Custom Designs​

Make your display your own with optional custom graphics & mounting frames.​
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Need a different connection? No problem, we have accessories to suit your needs!


We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled expert support to our customers, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need at every step of your journey with our products.

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Sizes Up to 21.5"

Application Versatility

variety of brightness options

IPS Full Viewing Angles

Durability & reliability

Our TFT display range

Engineers, your quest for the perfect TFT display just got easier. Our range is specifically engineered to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of today’s industries—from railway and healthcare to military applications and beyond. Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, we offer an extensive selection of dimensions—ranging from compact, dashboard-friendly units to large, high-resolution displays. With uncompromising quality, durability, and energy efficiency, our TFT displays are not just screens; they’re solutions.

Explore our selection now and step into the future of visual technology with a range that covers all your industry needs, no magnifying glass required…

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TFT Case study


"We need a high brightness display for daylight viewing"
We received a requirement for a 17″ to 21.5″ TFT display which could be used as a monitor for drone surveillance. The monitor had to be mounted in a Peli-Case that would be used outdoors, therefore the display needed to be high brightness, daylight readable, with a composite video connection. A forthcoming exhibition created a 5 week deadline for the customer and requirement for Relec to deliver the first 2 prototypes on time!
Working with one of our specialist suppliers, FutureLabs, we designed a semi-custom 21.5″ display that would be fit for purpose based on an already existing standard product in the following areas: Increased brightness from 300 cd/m2 to 1000 cd/m2. Applied optical bonding into the air gap to make it daylight readable. Fitted a 3mm cover glass with anti-reflective polariser to improve ruggedness and reduce reflection. Supplied an AD interface card with composite video input and a set of custom cables.
“Our specialised needs for a rugged, high-brightness TFT display was turned into a high-performing reality”
Relec delivered the 2 prototypes within 4 weeks as promised This was achieved with all of the above modifications as well as custom tuning the firmware for the AD interface card.

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We select only the most reputable suppliers, ensuring each aligns with our commitment to providing cutting-edge, high-quality TFT displays that meet industry standards and drive your business success…

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