Staff Wars Backstory

A long time ago, in a factory far, far away, an evil (well misunderstood perhaps) Sales Director was attempting to lure one of a close circle of factory cleaners into joining the team of his sales empire.

This band of cleaners vowed to help their colleague resist the lure of the Sales team and so ensued what became widely unknown as

Staff Wars

Cleaners Luke Skylarker and the Obese one Ken O’bee have noticed the absence of their colleagues, affectionally called ‘Princess’, Laya Bout and are setting off on their cleaning trolley to try and find her.


It is highly likely that they will have to rescue her from the clutches of Sales Director Lord eVader (you can never get a straight answer out of them, can you?) and his army of Salestroopers.

To do this they will have to travel to the sales offices on the north wing of the factory, (you’ve guessed it) the Dark side. Watched by an anxious Goldie, the Cleaning team 3 Procurement Officer (C3PO), Luke grabs his trusty light Sabre broom,

loads his loyal, Henry (from Room 2, Department 2)

and with an awesome sending off from their delivery driver friends, Hang Solow (the one with the baggy trousers) and Chewy (he loves his gum), they begin their quest……….

May the Farce be with them!