Rocktouch Touchscreen Configuration Wizard

24th July 2020

Rocktouch Touchscreen Configuration Wizard

Touchscreen technology has evolved at an incredible pace in recent years, but the ability for engineers to make fast changes to a system is one that has traditionally held up the design process. Relec Electronics, in collaboration with their partners at Rocktouch, are pleased to announce the availability of a new software configuration tool which allows users to set up & modify key parameters for their display and touchscreen combination.

The Rocktouch software utility, literally puts power in the fingers of the design engineer and allows them to control the following features:

1. Points of Touch

Allows control of the numbers of fingers used. Add more gestures or simplify the design…

RockTouch Touchscreen Configuration | PCAP Displays | Relec Electronics
RockTouch Utility v01.08 Configuration Software @ Relec Electronics 2020

2. Touch Sensitivity

Eliminate ghost touches or tailor for electrically noisy environments, or simply increase the sensitivity when used behind thicker cover glass

RockTouch Touchscreen Configuration | PCAP Displays | Relec Electronics
RockTouch Utility v01.08 Configuration Software @ Relec Electronics 2020

3. Axis Swapping

Rotate the touch screen through 90 degrees and use the same product in application that are portrait and landscape.

RockTouch Touchscreen Configuration | PCAP Displays | Relec Electronics
RockTouch Axis Swapping @ Relec Electronics 2020

4. Click Mode

Change the system response from standard touch screen to mouse emulation. No more sending panels back to the factory for changes in product development, or even in product evolution.  The Rocktouch configuration software allows changes to be made on the fly and allows comparisons to be made simply, and most importantly quickly.

Click Mode @ Relec Electronics 2020

5. Case Studies

Case Study No.1 – Axis Swapping

A 15.6” TFT with PCAP touch panel is used as an elevator control panel.  The typical installation is set to a portrait orientation mode, but some installations required the panel to fitted in landscape orientation.  The configuration tool allows the customer to operate in either mode, with a single module in their inventory, resulting in better stock control and lower prices through economy of scale.

Case Study No.2 – Sensitivity

A 12.1” TFT PCAP touch panel is used as a control panel with a variety of industrial machines.  The sensitivity of the touch screen needs to be adjusted to take into account electrical noise generated by the equipment itself as well as different cover glass thickness for more rugged environments.

6. FAQ’s for RockTouch Touchscreen Configuration

“Does the Software come with all Rocktouch Touchscreens as standard?”
All RockTouch Touchscreens come with RockTouch Configuration Software.

“What kind of parameters can be set?”
RockTouch Configuration software tool gives the user the ability to set their touchscreen with it’s own custom parameters, including number of touches, sensitivity, axis rotation and click mode.

“Will this software work on other displays?”
RockTouch Utility v.01.03 software is built to assist RockTouch Touchscreens only.

“Do I need a PC or tablet?”
This Configuration Tool runs on Windows operating system only and requires a Rocktouch USB cable.

Example PCAP Touchscreen from RockTouch

15.6 PCAP Rugged Series Touch Panel

Construction: Glass/Film/Film (GFF)
Number of fingers: 10
Cover lens: up to 10mm
Signal to Noise Ratio: 32V
Full Water & Glove Touch
(More RockTouch Displays…)

More RockTouch Displays

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