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Ultimod Series
Ultimod Series

Ultimod Series

Input: 85-264Vac
Outputs 1 to 12 - 1.0 to 58V
Power: 600 / 1200 Watt
Tamb: -40 to +70°C
Dims: 280 x 90/127 x 40.4mm
UL / CE EN60950 EN60601 Approved

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The UltiMod range of configurable power supplies provides up to 1200W output power in a slim case that can fit within a 1U profile. The series is designed for high efficiency and consists of two universal input ac (or 120 to 380Vdc) front ends (powerPacs) UX4 and UX6 and 11 dc output powerMods (XgA to XgL).

Both powerPacs carry dual safety certification, EN60950 for industrial applications and EN60601-1 3rd edition for medical applications. The UX4 delivers upt to 600W and can be populated with up to 4 powerMods, the UX6 delivers upt o 1200W and can be populated with up to 6 powerMods.

The powerMods provide up to 12 fully isolated dc outputs ranging from 1.0 to 58Vdc. Users can select the modules most suitable for their application based on power level and/or desired control feature set. The series provides high levels of flexibility and is completely user field configurable. Customers can configure any combination of powerMods in seres/parallel.

Typical industrial applications include: test & measurement equipment; automation equipment; printing machinery; telecommunications; audio equipment. Medical applications include: clinical diagnostic equipment; lasers; dialysis equipment; radiological imaging; clinical chemistry.

XgA-10.8 - 15.6V150W
XgB-19.2 - 26.4V200W
XgC-28.8 - 39.6V200W
XgD-38.5 - 50.4V200W
XgE/Xg7-5.0 - 28.0V120W
XgF/Xg8-5.0 - 28.0V
5.0 - 28.0V
Xg8-1.15 - 3.6V100W
XgH-1.5 - 6.0V180W
XgJ-4.0 - 15.0V220W
XgK-8.0 - 30.0V220W
XgL-8.0 - 58.0V240W
Xg1-1.15 - 3.6V125W
Xg2-1.5 - 6.0V200W
Xg3-4.0 - 15.0V240W
Xg4-8.0 - 30.0V240W
Xg5-8.0 - 58.0V288W


Click on the link below for an instant download.

  • UltiMod datasheet
  • Ultimod modular designer manual

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