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CHR Series

CHR Series

Input: 16.8-160VDC
Outputs: 12-54VDC
Power: 300 Watt
Tamb: -40 to 90˚C
Dims: 184.6 x 116 x 39.7mm
Meets EN50155 standard

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The CHR series – 300W stand-alone, chassis mount isolated DC-DC converter that’s all about versatility and reliability. Engineered to embrace the wild world of nominal battery voltages, this converter accepts anything from 24V to a whopping 110V, all in a single, sleek package.

But where does the CHR series really shine? In the demanding environments of Railway applications. It’s a rugged, resilient unit that meets the rigorous EN50155 standard, making it your go-to power solution on the rails.

The output voltage is no slouch either, offering a generous trim range up to +15% of Vnom. And with a constant current output profile, it’s a dream come true for handling those tricky high inductive/capacitive loads. The CHR series is also packed with features to keep things running smoothly. Programmable Undervoltage Lock-out (PUL) safeguards against the deep discharge of your batteries, while Remote On/Off control and an Open Collector DC Output Power Good Signal (with a handy visual LED indicator) keep you in the driver’s seat.

Need more? The CHR series steps up with options like “Hold Up” capability, ensuring brief input interruptions don’t throw a wrench in your output, and “ORing FET” for those looking to double down on redundancy or share the power without a hitch.

We know the journey matters as much as the destination, the CHR series is armoured with self-protection features including Overvoltage, Current limit/Short circuit, and Over temperature protection, for a smooth and secure power delivery every time.



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  • CHR Series Datasheet

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