From Full HD to Fool HD – Relec staff ready for Eurovision

11th May 2023

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Introducing... "Fool HD"

Prepare to be dazzled and embrace the shimmering glory of music as Relec Electronics proudly presents the birth of an extraordinary boy band, “Fool HD”. Drawing inspiration from the Eurovision phenomenon, this band of talented staff members is set to ignite the world of Euro-pop and capture hearts with their captivating melodies, glitzy costumes, and infectious charm (so long as they make it out of rehearsals).

“Fool HD” is a sensational new boy band formed by the uncompromising Peter Lappin, their enigmatic founder member and vocalist; Neil (feel the) Pain, the maestro on lead guitar; Jonny (funkmeister) Stone, the keyboard virtuoso; and Mathew (mad dog) Rehm, the rhythmic dynamo on drums. Together, they embody the spirit of Eurovision, combining it with their unique musical abilities, to create a kitsch-filled experience that will transport fans into a world of pure entertainment.

Peter Lappin - Lead Vocals

Eurovision Peter L - Fool HD Poster

Peter Lappin, a vocal powerhouse, possesses a voice that can reach the highest musical peaks. His ability to hit soaring notes with unwavering precision will leave audiences spellbound and begging for more. Prepare to be moved as Peter effortlessly glides through Euro-pop anthems and heart-warming ballads, leaving no doubt that he was born to grace the stage.

Neil (feel the) Pain - Lead guitarist

Eurovision Neil P - Fool HD Poster

Neil (feel the) Pain, the dazzling lead guitarist, is a true showman. With a flair for mesmerizing solos and epic riffs, his fingers dance across the fretboard, setting hearts ablaze and causing a frenzy among fans. Neil’s electrifying presence on stage is guaranteed to leave an indelible mark on audiences, forever etching his name in the annals of rock ‘n’ roll glory.

JoNNY (Funkmeister) Stone - Keyboards

Jonny (funkmeister) Stone, the master of keys, brings an infusion of Euro-disco magic to the band. With his fingers gliding effortlessly across the keyboard, he creates infectious melodies that transport listeners to a realm of euphoria. Get ready to surrender to the funky beats and infectious rhythms, as Jonny’s keyboard prowess injects an extra dose of sparkle into “Fool HD’s” musical extravaganza.

Mathew (mad Dog) Rehm - drums

Mathew (mad dog) Rehm, the rhythmic heartbeat of the group, is the driving force behind the band’s energy. With his thunderous drumming, he sets a pulsating tempo that reverberates through the crowd, eliciting wild cheers and sending fans into a frenzy. Mathew’s infectious energy and lively drum fills will ensure that every performance is an unforgettable spectacle of joy and pure musical elation.

“Fool HD” promises to deliver a Eurovision-inspired experience like no other. Prepare to be swept away by their dazzling stage presence, flamboyant costumes, and irresistible pop hooks. They start rehearsals for their debut album next week which will be laden with euphoric dance beats and heart-stirring ballads, will transport listeners on a kaleidoscopic journey through the realms of pure kitsch

Eurovision Fool HD Band Image

“We want to capture the essence of Eurovision and infuse it with our unique musical talents,” said Callum Croucher, the band’s manager & MC. “With ‘Fool HD’ we celebrate the creativity and camaraderie of our talented staff members, bringing joy and huge amounts of laughter to audiences across the Sandford Lane Industrial estate. First Wareham and next stop Eurovision 2024?”

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