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5.7” VGA TFT LCD Display

Screen size: 5.7″
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Active area: 115.2(W) x 86.4(H) mm
Resolution: 640 x 480 
Interface: TTL 18-bit RGB & 6-bit LVDS
Brightness: 360cd/m2 – 1500cd/m2
Touch Panel Options: PCAP & Resistive
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C

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The 5.7″ VGA TFT LCD Display is a perfect option for upgrading equipment utilising the 5.7” QVGA, to improve the visual performance with an increased resolution, without changing the physical size and enclosure. Exceptionally high brightness of 1500 cd/m2 make it even suitable for outdoor and even under direct sunlight applications.

Further modifications are available on these 5.7″ TFT LCD Display, to enhance the performance. Options include; Optical Bonding, Custom Cover Lens Design, Screen Enhancements, Mounting Frames, Adaptor Boards, Custom Cables and Enhancement Films.

For the Custom Cover Lens Design, this has a variety of options, including custom size, shape and design, apertures for other connections, thick and strengthened glass and custom printing.

Options – customise your display

13-057VMLB4RG0-S6-bit LVDS480-20 to +70Resistive
13-057VMLBEAG0-S6-bit LVDS500-20 to +70PCAP
13-057VMLB00G0-S6-bit LVDS600-20 to +70None
13-057VMLB4RG1-S6-bit LVDS900-20 to +70Resistive
13-057VMLBEAG1-S6-bit LVDS1000-20 to +70PCAP
13-057VMLB00G1-S6-bit LVDS1200-20 to +70None
13-057VMLB00B2-S6-bit LVDS1500-20 to +70None
13-057VMTB4GF0-STTL 18-bit RGB360-20 to +70Resistive
13-057VMTB0GF0-STTL 18-bit RGB450-20 to +70None
13-057VMTB4RG0-STTL 18-bit RGB480-20 to +70Resistive
13-057VMTBEAG0-STTL 18-bit RGB500-20 to +70PCAP
13-057VMTB00G0-STTL 18-bit RGB600-20 to +70None
13-057VMTB4RG1-STTL 18-bit RGB900-20 to +70Resistive
13-057VMTBEAG1-STTL 18-bit RGB1000-20 to +70PCAP
13-057VMTB00G1-STTL 18-bit RGB1200-20 to +70None

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