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Engineers know that material quality is key to project success. At RELEC, we offer top-notch HDMI monitors designed specifically for your engineering needs. Our precision displays enhance your designs efficiently and affordably, whether for industrial projects or critical defence equipment. Consult our experts for the best display solutions.

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CUSTOMISE Your Solutions

RELEC’s 40 years of expertise in displays means we are able to offer not just components, but complete solutions tailored to your specific requirements. These might include the addition of a bespoke cover lens, with custom graphics and additional switching capabilities. 

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Upgrade With Enhancements​

Increase performance of your display with added enhancements like optical bonding!​
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Daylight Readable options

A variety of options over and above standard TFT panels, let's find your optimum backlight​
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Custom Designs​

Make your display your own with optional custom graphics & mounting frames.​
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Need a different connection? No problem, we have accessories to suit your needs!


We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled expert support to our customers, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need at every step of your journey with our products.

Features & benefits


Sizes Up to 21.5"

pre-installed EDID

variety of brightness options

IPS Full Viewing Angles

Ideal for Harsh Environments

Our hdmi display range

Engineer your success with our specialist range of HDMI displays, meticulously designed for the high-demand requirements of business operations. Our offerings are tailored to match various sizes and types, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. Whether you’re a system integrator needing precise visuals, an engineer seeking reliable digital signage, or work in the medical, our HDMI display range is the key.

Explore our selection now and witness how our state-of-the-art HDMI displays can drive your business efficiency to new heights…

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"We want a display for our diagnostic equipment"
We received an enquiry for a 12.1” touch panel TFT display to be driven directly from an HDMI input for a piece of diagnostic medical equipment. Due to the nature of the application, the display and touch panel had to have a very high reliability, and the touch screen had to have a high immunity against unwanted touches.
Detailed discussions with the customer highlighted their key considerations of, simple integration within their equipment, high-performance specifications and also the aesthetics of the display from a user perspective. Our starting point was a 12.1” IPS display with PCAP touch panel and a direct HDMI input. The final design included the following changes to achieve the customer’s overall objectives; an upgraded rugged PCAP touchscreen, with high EMC immunity and excellent MTBF. a custom cover lens designed in accordance with the customer’s aesthetics and integration requirements. This included custom footprint, printed graphics, anti-fingerprint surface treatment and anti-glare etched onto the glass. The final change includes HDMI driver board mounting directly on the display.
“We Found Tailor-Made Solutions That Exceeded Expectations - On Time, On Budget”
Customer involvement throughout the process is crucial to the way we work at Relec. Specifications, drawings and prototypes are made available in accordance with strictly managed deadlines. The customer now has a product that perfectly meets their application, environment and most importantly, their budget.

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We select only the most reputable suppliers, ensuring each aligns with our commitment to providing cutting-edge, high-quality HDMI displays that meet industry standards and drive your business success…

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