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Discover next-level industrial computing at Relec Electronics! Specializing in advanced Panel PCs, we provide high-performance, custom solutions for engineers in diverse sectors like Marine, Transportation, Healthcare, and Military. Our state-of-the-art TFT displays, responsive touch panels, and cutting-edge CPUs guarantee superior performance and dependability. Welcome to where engineering brilliance meets innovation.

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Our Panel PCs incorporate the most advanced TFT display, touch panel technology, and CPU technology. This ensures that our panel PCs offer the best possible performance and user experience.

TFT Display

The high-resolution TFT displays on our Panel PCs provide superb image quality. The screens also offer a wide viewing angle, so you can clearly see the image from any position.

Touch Panel Technology

Our Panel PCs have touch panel technology, which enables users to use their fingertips to interact with the display. Our PCs are now simple and convenient for users to operate.

CPU Technology

Our PCs use the most recent CPU technology to guarantee that our Panel PCs function as efficiently as possible.



We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled expert support to our customers, ensuring you have the guidance and assistance you need at every step of your journey with our products.

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Sizes Up to 23.8"

Compliance to Various Standards

IP Rating Options

IPS Full Viewing

Durability & reliability

Our Panel PC range

Relec’s wide range of standard Panel PCs range from 10.1” to 23.8” and are used in a variety of applications like Manufacturing, logistics, Transportation, Healthcare, Utilities, or any industry you can think of! 

Explore our selection now and step into the future of visual technology with a range that covers all your industry needs, no magnifying glass required…

10.1" Android Panel PC

10.1″ Android Panel PC

11.6" Android Panel PC

11.6″ Android Panel PC

12" Android Panel PC

12″ Android Panel PC

13.3" Android Panel PC

13.3″ Android Panel PC

15.6" Android Panel PC

15.6″ Android Panel PC

17" Android Panel PC

17″ Android Panel PC

10.1" panel pc

10.1″ Panel PC

10.4" panel pc

10.4″ Panel PC

10.4" EN50155 Panel PC

10.4″ Railway Approved Panel PC

12.1" IEC60945 Panel PC

12.1″ IEC60945 Panel PC

12.1" Panel PC

12.1″ Panel PC

12.1" EN50155 Panel PC

12.1″ Railway Approved Panel PC

15.6" Modular Panel PC

15.6″ Modular Panel PC

21.5" Modular Panel PC

21.5″ Modular Panel PC

23.8" Modular Panel PC

23.8″ Modular Panel PC

10.1" panel pc

10.1″ Panel PC

10.4" panel pc

10.4″ Panel PC

15" IP66/IP69K

15″ IP66/69K Panel PC

15" panel pc

15″ Panel PC

15.6" Medical Panel PC

15.6″ Medical Approved Panel PC

19" IP66/ IP69K

19″ IP66/69K Panel PC

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"We want a monitor for fish detection sonar system"
The main challenge was to develop a monitor that would meet EN60945 standards, ensuring that it could withstand the harsh marine environment. Additionally, the monitor had to have a high-brightness display that would provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Finally, it had to be made of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and resistance to corrosion, and have VESA panel mounts for universal integration.
Taking the TDM series of monitors as a base point, Elgens developed an IP66 sealed, stainless steel monitor which was fully approved to all EN60945 standards, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability for use in marine environments. The stainless-steel construction provided maximum durability and resistance to corrosion, excellent EMC immunity and allowed for the integration of VESA compatible mounts, allowing for simple integration into the end equipment. With a high brightness, 1000cd/m2 display, the monitor provided exceptional visibility in all lighting conditions, allowing the crew to easily track fish and navigate their vessels. The monitor also has the ability to start in a -30 °C environment making it ideal for arctic expeditions.
“Our specialized needs for a rugged, high-brightness TFT display was turned into a high-performing reality”
The new monitor was well-received by crew and other stakeholders in the fishing industry. Its advanced technology provided accurate, real-time information, giving fishermen the tools, they needed to make informed decisions and maximize their catch. The monitor’s user-friendly interface and sleek design made it easy to operate and install, and its compact size ensured that it could be easily installed on any vessel.

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We select only the most reputable suppliers, ensuring each aligns with our commitment to providing cutting-edge, high-quality Panel PCs that meet industry standards and drive your business success…

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