Short Lead-Time 48V Power Racks from Unipower

29th January 2020

Relec Electronics is pleased to announce a dramatic reduction in the lead-time of the Aspiro rectifier/battery charger systems with increased flexibility to modify systems to customers’ specific requirements. 

Unipower have increased the capacity of their European configuration center which gives us the ability to supply standard systems on a short delivery turnaround.

Flexible Short Lead-Time -48V Power Systems

The Aspiro systems provide 48V DC power and battery back up for telecom, datacom, and industrial applications. All systems are based around common rectifiers (800W or 1200W), Controllers and DC distribution systems.

Aspiro M35 1U Power Rack – 800W to 2400W

Aspiro M35 1U Power Rack - 800W to 2400W @ Relec Electronics Ltd 2020

The Aspiro M35 system is a low-cost 1U power shelf system with a high level of flexibility. Standard features include:

• Ability to house 1 or 2 x 800W or 1200W rectifiers
• Standard Controller with USB and TCP/IP interfaces
• DC Battery breaker
• Up to 4 DC load breakers
• Temperature probes and battery symmetry cables
• Complete flexibility of alarm outputs
• 19” or ETSI mounting

At the time of writing we have access to racks with 50A battery breakers 30A, 15A & 2 x 10A load breakers, temperature probes and symmetry measurement. There is also stock of the XR08.48G (800W) and XPGE12.48G (1200W) rectifiers and the ACX controller modules for a fast turn around.

In addition to battery charger systems highlighted above, we have also been working with the factory to offer a simple bulk 48V system with no controller or DC distribution. These racks can also accommodate 1 or 2 modules and provide a completely floating, flexible and low-cost rack-mounted short lead-time 48V power solution.

Aspiro MS23 2U Power rack – 800W to 4800W

Aspiro MS23 2U Power Rack - 800W to 4800W @ Relec Electronics Ltd 2020

The Aspiro MS23 is a 2U power shelf which can accommodate up to 4 rectifiers alongside dc distribution, battery breakers and controller. Features include
• Ability to house up to 4 x 800W or 1200W rectifiers
• Standard Controller with USB and TCP/IP interfaces
• 1 or 2 x DC Battery breaker
• Up to 8 DC load breakers
• Temperature probes and battery symmetry cables
• Complete flexibility of alarm outputs
• 19” or 23” mounting options
• Single-phase, 2 phase or 3 phase inputs.
Standard systems with the following configurations are available against short turn around:
• 2 x 100A battery & 30A, 25A, 15A,10A (x2), 5A (x2) & 1A load breakers
• 2 x 100A battery & 30A (x2), 20A (x2), 15A (x2) & 10A (x2) load breakers
• 2 x 60A battery & 15A (x6) & 5A(x2) load breakers

Relec Electronics has worked closely with our key suppliers for over 40 years, specialising in many industries; automotive, industrial, defence & now Solar Power Inverters.
We have a team of dedicated engineers ready to support you throughout the design process. We also carry stock of all standard modules and accessories for next day delivery.

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