Mornsun R4 Series Miniature DFN DC-DC Converters

22nd May 2020

Mornsun R4 Series miniature DFN DC-DC Converters

Relec Electronics is pleased to announce the general availability of Mornsun’s 4th Generation R4 Series DC-DC Converters now available in ultra miniature DFN (Dual-flat-no-lead) packages measuring just 9 x 7 x 3.1mm.

R4 Series | UK Distributor | Relec News

The R4 series DFN converters are currently available as non isolated switching regulators or unregulated DC DC converters with 3kV isolation.

K78_MT-500R4: 7.5W Switching Regulators

K78_MT-500R4: 7.5W Switching Regulators

Input: 4.5 – 36Vdc
Outputs: 3 – 15V dc
Power: 1.65-7.5 Watt
Dims: 9.3 x 7.3mm DFN Package

B0505MT-1WR4: 1W DC-DC Converter

B0505MT-1WR4: 1W DC-DC Converter

Input: 5V dc
Outputs: 5V dc
Power: 1 Watt
Dims: 9 x 7 x 1.3mm SMD DFN Package
Tamb: -40°C to +125°C

K78_MT-100R4 Series Switching Regulators

K78_MT-1000R4 Series: Switching Regulators

Input: 4.75 – 36Vdc
Outputs: 3 – 15V dc
Power: 3.30 – 15 Watt
Dims: 9 x 7 x 1.3mm SMD DFN Package

Mornsun’s R4 series offer considerable advantages to both design and production engineers:

  1. Reduced Footprint / Volume
  2. Low cost / Short Delivery times
  3. Very high efficiency
  4. Best in class technical specifications

Reduced Footprint

R4 Series | Graph 1 | Relec News

The R4 products come in a 9mm x 7mm x 3.1 SMD, DFN package, offering a step change improvement in the board area required for similar surface mount devices.  The B0505MT-1WR4 occupies just 63mm2 compared to the 155mm2 of a traditional SMD8 footprint DC DC converter like the B0505T-1WR3, offering a real estate saving of nearly 60%.

Low Cost / Short Delivery Times

Mornsun products are designed and tested to the highest standards, and are also the benchmark for other manufacturers when it comes to price and delivery.  Standard manufacturing lead-time for all R4 products is 4 weeks.  Relec Electronics carry sample stocks to facilitate your design and are happy to work with call off orders to meet any production requirements. 

R4 Series Miniature DFN DC-DC Converters | UK Distributor | Relec News

When it comes to pricing, we don’t think you’ll find cheaper solutions built to the same specifications, and we even think that we can compete with linear solutions when you add in the cost of heatsinking and external components.

High Efficiency

R4 Series | Graph 2 | Relec News

The K78xxMT-500R4 switching regulators feature efficiencies of up to 92% allowing systems to run cooler without the need for external heatsinks, not only reducing cost, saving board space but also increasing reliability by running at reduced temperatures.

Best in Class Technical Specifications

All R4 products are designed to operate down to -40°C as standard with the K78xxMT-500R4 series offering operating up to 105°C and the B0505XMT-1WR4 up to 125°C. 

The B0505MT-1WR4 achieves 3000V dc isolation, an amazing feat in such a small package

Both products have also been designed in accordance with AEC-Q100 standards making them suitable for automotive applications where high reliability is a must.

Relec Electronics are committed to providing the very best technical service to out customers.  Our technical team are on hand to talk you though your design and support you with samples and all you need commercially whether you are building locally or offshore.  Call us today to find out more.


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