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LITF960-26Bxx Series

LITF960 Series

Input: 320 - 600VAC or 450-800VDC
Outputs: 24V, 36V or 48Vdc
Power: 960 Watt (150% for 3 secs)
Tamb: -30°C to +70°C
Dims: 110.00 x 124.00 x 127.00mm
IEC/UL/EN62368, IEC/EN61000, UL/EN61010, CISPR32/EN55032, UL508 Approved
3 Years Warranty

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LITF960-26Bxx is a Din Rail mount AC-DC converter series designed for cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions with standard DIN-rail mounting with three-phase input supplies.

The products offer a high level of stability and immunity to noise as well as compliance with international IEC62368 standards for safety and  IEC/EN61000, UL61010, UL508.

These lightweight AC-DC converters also have an extremely compact design for space-saving and are ideal for applications such as industrial control equipment, machinery, and all kinds of applications in harsh environments.

These converters offer excellent EMC performance and meet IEC/EN/UL62368, UL/EN61010-1, UL508, UL/EN61010-2-201 standards and they are widely used in areas of industrial control equipment, factory automation and mechanical and electrical equipment and other industrial control fields.

LITF960-26B24320 - 600VAC
450 - 800VDC
24V/40A960 Watt
LITF960-26B36320 - 600VAC
450 - 800VDC
36V/26.6A960 Watt
LITF960-26B48320 - 600VAC
450 - 800VDC
48V/20A960 Watt


Click on the link below for an instant download.

  • LITF960 Series Datasheet

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