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Display > 8.0 HDMI TFT LCD


Screen size: 8.0″ XGA
4:3 Aspect ratio
Active area: 162.0(W) x 121.5(H) mm
Resolution: 1024 RGB x 768 pixels
Interface: HDMI input

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This colour active matrix thin film transistor liquid crystal XGA or SVGA display uses an amorphous silicon TFT as a switching device. This model is composed of a TFT panel, IPS (In plane switching) technology. a driving circuit, a back light system audio and an HDMI video input. The TFT LCD has an 8.0 inch (4:3) diagonally measured active display area with a 1024 horizontal by 768 vertical pixel resolution.

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HA-080GIEB00A0-A1024 x 768 RGB-1200
HA-080GIEB0HD0-A1024 x 768 RGB-600
HA-080GIEB4HA0-S1024 x 768 RGB4W RTP1000
HA-080GIEB4HD0-A1024 x 768 RGB4W RTP480
HA-080GIEBUAA0-A1024 x 768 RGBPCAP - USB1100
HA-080GIEBUAD0-A1024 x 768 RGBPCAP - USB500
HA-080GIEBUBA0-A1024 x 768 RGBPCAP - USB1100
HA-080GIEBUBD0-A1024 x 768 RGBPCAP - USB500

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