IPS (In-Plane Switching) was designed to solve the main limitation with conventional TN TFTs of restricted viewing angles and grey scale inversion when viewed away from the preferred viewing direction.

IPS provides true viewing angles from any direction. The technology involves arranging and switching the alignment of the crystal molecules between the glass substrates. This change reduces the amount of light scattered in the matrix.

The benefits not only include having the perfect colour balance from every point, but also allows the LCD to be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation.

We can also offer the following additional options to further enhance your TFT panel:

We have options for various films which will dramatically reduce the effects of unwanted glare

We can improve the viewing angles up to 85° with the addition of an O-film

Anti fingerprint treatments can be applied to reduce marking when handling the display

Need your own logo or custom graphics on the glass. We can do this for you

We can reduce the effects of unwanted reflections by using optical bonding.

We can ruggedise you panel either through thicker glass panels or addition of optical bonding.

Our optical bonding feature minimises trapped moisture and reduces the effects of fog in the display

Anti-bacterial surface treatments applied to the cover glass

  • 12.1 LVDS TFT LCD

    Screen size: 12.1″ SVGA
    4:3 aspect ratio
    Active area: 245.8(W) x 184.3(H) mm
    Resolution: 1024 RGB x 768 pixels
    Interface: LVDS-6/8 bit 20/30 pin

  • 13.3″ IPS TFT LCD

    Screen size: 13.3″ Full HD
    16:9 aspect ratio
    Active area: 293.7(W) x 165.2(H) mm
    Resolution: 1920 RGB x 1080 pixels
    Interface: EDP

  • 15.6″ IPS TFT LCD

    Screen size: 15.6″ Full HD
    16:9 aspect ratio
    Active area: 344.1(W) x 193.6(H) mm
    Resolution: 1920 RGB x 1080 pixels
    Interface: EDP

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