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Xvite Series

Universal Mains Input & 120 - 380VDC
Up to 12 Regulated, Isolated Outputs
1200W AC DC Configurable PSU
-20°C to +71°C Operation
Fits in 1U Chassis (260 x 127 x 40.40mm )
EN60601 Medically Approved Power supply

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Chassis are available in 4 powerPac sizes:  XVA - 400W, XVB - 700W, XVC - 1000W, XVD - 1200W.  Each chassis can be populated with up to 6 of the powerMod modules below:
Part Number Vrange (VDC) Vnom (VDC) Imax (A) Power (W)
XG1 1.5V - 3.6V 2.5V 50A 125W
XG2 3.2V - 6.0V 5.0V 40A 200W
XG3 6.0V - 15.0V 12V 20A 240W
XG4 12.0V - 30.0V 24V 10A 240W
XG5 28.0V - 58.0V 48V 6A 288W
XG7 5.0V - 28.0V 24V 5A 120W
XG8 V1    5.0V - 28.0V
V2    5.0V - 28.0V
EN60601-1 and UL2601-1 approved
Less than 300μA leakage current
4000VAC isolation1.5V to 58V standard output voltages
1340W available
All outputs fully floating
Extra low profile: 1U height (40mm)
Ultra high efficiency, up to 90%
Plug & Play Power
allows fast custom configuration
allow easy logistics
Reduced system heat dissipation
Few electrolytic capacitors (all long life)
Visual LED indicators
Series / Parallel of multiple outputs
5V bias standby voltage provided
Individual output control signals
The Xvite family of medically approved power supplies provides up to an incredible 1200W in an extremely compact 1U x 260 x 127mm package. Providing up to 12 isolated DC outputs, the Xvite family employs innovative plug & play
architecture allowing users to instantly configure a custom power solution in less than 5 minutes!

The Xvite family consists of 4 powerPacs ranging in power levels from 400W to 1200W and 7 powerMod DC output modules. Simply select the appropriate powerPac and up to 6 powerMods from the tables below to complete your custom power supply.

The Xvite family boasts an industry leading power density of 15W/in3 and ultra-high efficiencies (up to 90%). The significant system space savings and reduced heat dissipation radically simplify system design.

All configurations carry full safety agency approvals including UL2601-1and EN60601-1


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