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Multiple Output Power Supplies

Relec's multiple output power supplies provide design engineers  a unique opportunity to configure a multi output power supply in a single, low profile, chassis mounting enclosure themselves without relying on factory configurations.  Our Multiple output power supply units are available in a number of different case sizes, with solutions optimized for 200, 400, 600, 1000 & 1200W applications and up to 12 different output voltages.  All of the units featured below are suitable for a wide range of industrial and military applications as well as medical applications meeting the requirements of EN60601.

We carry a wide variety of of chassis and output modules in stock for a next day delivery.

Please Contact our Technical Sales Office for further information or call +44(1929)555700

Xcite - Multiple Output Power Supply
Xlite - Multiple Output

Multiple Output Power Supplies

Input 90 - 264Vac,
1 to 4 outputs: 1.5 to 54Vdc
Power: up to 900Watts
UL/CSA/CE Approved
298.8 x 92 x 40.64mm (<1U)
 img xlite1
Input 85 - 264VAC, 120 - 380VDC
1 to 8 Outputs: 1.5V to 58V DC
Power:  up to  600Watts
UL/cUL/CE Approved
260 x 89 x 40.40mm (<1U)
XF image
Input 85 - 264Vac, 120 - 380Vdc
1 to 6 Outputs: 1.0V to 58V dc
Power: up to 1000 Watts
268 x 127 x 40.40mm (<1U)
 img xcite1
Input 85 - 264VAC, 120 - 380VDC
1 to 12 Outputs: 1.5V to 58V DC
Power:  up to  1200Watts
UL/cUL/CE Approved
260 x 127 x 40.40mm (<1U)
img xcite1
Input 85 - 264Vac, 120 - 380Vdc
1 to 12 Outputs: 1.0V to 58V dc
Power: up to 1200Watts
UL/cUL/CE & EN60601 Approved
600W:  260 x 89 x 40.4 (<1U)
1200W: 260 x 127 x 40.40mm (<1U)
Input 90 to 264Vac,
1 to 6 Outputs: 1.5V to 54Vdc
Power:  up to  1600W
UL/CSA/CE Approved
298.8 x 127 x 40.64mm (<1U)

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