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AC DC Power Supplies from Relec Electronics

AC DC converters are key components in the design of nearly all mains powered electrical and electronic equipment.  Relec Electronics can supply a very wide range of AC DC converters from a 5W plugtop or PCB mounting device, through to very large battery backed, standby systems.  Relec Electronics can also provide you with a variety of chassis mounting converters, including single, dual and quad output industry standard modules, as well as a wide choice of configurable AC DC converters starting at 300W up to 2kW in output power.  We can also supply you with in depth technical advice on a range of specialist AC DC converters for medical, power over ethernet and Din Rail mounting applications.

In addition to the above we also work closely with our suppliers to offer a full custom and variant service if you cannot fulfil your demands for our standard range of AC DC converters.  Please contact our technical sales office for further information, or submit your specification directly.

Chassis Mountable    

MPB125 AC DC Converter


XCite AC DC Converter

PCB Mountable

KAMN30 AC DC Converter


MPM AC DC Converter


Cassette & cPCI



compactPCI (cPCI)



DIN Rail

AMR5 AC DC Converter


Network Power Systems

aspiro AC DC Converter


High Power Front Ends

FNP AC DC Converter


DIN Rail Battery Chargers

DRA240 AC DC Converter


LED (Lighting) Supplies 

 LXV120 AC DC Converter


Plugtop & Desktop

EA10952 AC DC Converter


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