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URA_LD-15WR2 & URB_LD-15WR2 Series

Wide Input, 1500V Isolation,
Low Cost, Single Output, 15W DC DC Converters

-40°C to +85°C Operation
90% Efficiency
Industry Standard Pinout
4 Week Leadtime

ura ld-15wr2---ima
Part Number Input Range (VDC) Vout (VDC) Iout (mA) Eff Typ %
URA2405LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 5V 727mA 86
URA2412LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 12V 625mA 88
URA2415LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 15V 500mA 88
URB2403LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 3V3 4000mA 87
URB2405LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 5V 3000mA 90
URB2412LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 12V 1250mA 89
URB2415LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 15V 1000mA 89
URB2424LD-15WR2 9V - 36V 24V 625mA 90
URA4805LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 5V 1500mA 86
URA4812LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 12V 625mA 88
URA4815LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 15V 500mA 89
URB4803LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 3V3 4000mA 87
URB4805LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 5V 3000mA 89
URB4812LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 12V  1250mA 88
URB4815LD-15WR2 18V - 75V 15V 1000mA 89
Efficiency up to 90%
4:1 wide input voltage range
Low Temperature rise
Short circuit protection
1.5KVDC isolation
Operating temperature range: -40°C ~ +85°C
Six-sided metal shield
Industry standard pinout
Industrial level specifications
URA_LD-15WR2 & URB_LD-15WR2 series are applied to wide voltage range input situation such as data transmission device、battery power supply device、tele-communication device、distributed power supply system、remote control system、industrial robot system etc.
URB15 LD-15WR2-footprint


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