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LXV150 Series

Universal Mains Input
Constant Voltage, Single Outputs
-35°C to +70°C Operation
IP67 Waterproof
UL & CE Approved


Part Number Input Range Vout (VDC) Iout (A) OVP Latching Eff Typ %
LXV150-012S 90-264VAC * 12V DC 12.5A 16V Max 92.0
 LXV150-024S  90-264VAC * 24V DC 6.25A 34V Max 93.0
 LXV150-036S  90-264VAC * 36V DC 4.17A 48V Max 93.0
LXV150-040S  90-264VAC * 40V DC 3.75A 53V Max   93.0
 LXV150-042S  90-264VAC * 42V DC 3.57A 55V Max 94.0
 LXV150-048S  90-264VAC * 48V DC 3.13A 61V Max 93.0
LXV150-050S  90-264VAC * 50V DC 3.00A 63V Max 93.0
LXV150-052S  90-264VAC * 52V DC  2.88A 66V Max   93.0
 LXV150-054S  90-264VAC * 54V DC 2.78A 69V Max 93.0
LXV150-056S  90-264VAC * 56V DC 2.68A 75V Max   93.0
LXV150-081S  90-264VAC * 81V DC 1.85A 100V Max 94.0
LXV150-105S  90-264VAC * 105V DC 1.42A 135V Max 94.0
.* 90-305VAC input voltage range available. Add Suffix “W” to part number e.g. LXV150-012SW
High Efficiency (up to 94%)
Constant Voltage Output
Active PFC (Typical 0.99)
IP67 Waterproof
Over Voltage, Short Circuit & Over Temperature Protection
-35 to 70°C deg operation
Universal Input 90-264VAC (305V on request)
UL8750 recognised
EN61347-1, -2-13 compliant

The LXV150 series of constant voltage LED power supplies from Excelsys Technologies can deliver up to 150W of output power in an extremely compact package size.

The LXV150 series of constant voltage power supplies provide a range of output voltage solutions for specific LED requirements. With industry leading efficiencies, and an extensive protection feature set, the LXV150 series provides high reliability and high performance in a compact package.

The LXV150 series carries the CE mark for safety and is also RoHS compliant.



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