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IMX35 Series

Wide Input, 1500V/2000V/2500V Isolation,
Regulated, Quad Outputs
35W DC DC Converters

-40°C to +85°C Operation
3" x 2.5" Case with 10.5mm Profile

 IMX35-image-1   IMX35-image-2
 Part Number Input Range (VDC)  Vout (VDC)  Iout (mA)  Eff%  Options
 9 - 36 VDC
 4 x 5V
4 x 1350mA
i, Z, G
 16.8 - 75 VDC
 4 x 5V
4 x 1400mA
i, Z, G
70IMX35D05D05-8 40 - 121 VDC 4 x 5V 4 x 1400mA 86 i, Z, G
110IMX35D05D05-8 60 - 150 VDC 4 x 5V 4 x 1400mA 86 i, Z, G
20IMX35D12D12-8 8.4 - 36 VDC 4 x 12V 4 x 650mA 86 i, Z, G
40IMX35D12D12-8 16.8 - 75 VDC 4 x 12V 4 x 700mA 88 i, Z, G
70IMX35D12D12-8 40 - 121 VDC 4 x 12V 4 x 700mA 88 i, Z, G
110IMX35D12D12-8 50 - 150 VDC 4 x 12V 4 x 700mA 88 i, Z, G
20IMX35D15D15-8 8.4 - 36 VDC 4 x 15V 4 x 550mA 88 i, Z, G
40IMX35D15D15-8 16.8 - 75 VDC 4 x 15V 4 x 600mA 89 i, Z, G
70IMX35D15D15-8 40 - 121 VDC 4 x 15V 4 x 600mA 88 i, Z, G
110IMX35D15D15-8 50 - 150 VDC 4 x 15V 4 x 600mA 88 i, Z, G
20IMX35D05D12-8 8.4 - 36 VDC 2x5V/2x12V 2x1350mA/2x650mA 88 i, Z, G
40IMX35D05D12-8 16.8 - 75 VDC 2x5V/2x12V 2x1400mA/2x700mA 89 i, Z, G
70IMX35D05D12-8 40 - 121 VDC 2x5V/2x12V 2x1400mA/2x700mA 88 i, Z, G
110IMX35D05D12-8 60 - 150 VDC 2x5V/2x12V 2x1400mA/2x700mA 88 i, Z, G
20IMX35D05D15-8 8.4 - 36 VDC 2x5V/2x15V 2x1350mA/2x550mA 88 i, Z, G
40IMX35D05D15-8 16.8 - 75 VDC 2x5V/2x15V 2x1400mA/2x600mA 89 i, Z, G
70IMX35D05D15-8 40 - 121 VDC 2x5V/2x15V 2x1400mA/2x600mA 88 i, Z, G
110IMX35D05D15-8 60 - 150 VDC 2x5V/2x15V 2x1400mA/2x600mA 88 i, Z, G
  Option Z - Open Frame (No plastic case)
  Option G - RoHS 6 Compliant for all 6 substances
  Option i - Inhibit
RoHS lead-free-solder and lead-solder-exempted
products are available.
Extremely wide input voltage ranges up to 150 VDC
4 outputs up to 60 V
1200 to 1800 VAC i/o electric strength test
Electrical isolation also between outputs
Immunity to IEC/EN 61000-4-2,-3,-4,-5, -6
Programmable input undervoltage lockout
Shut down/inhibit input
Adjustable output voltages with flexible load distribution
Frequency synchronization
Outputs no-load, overload, and short-circuit proof
Operating ambient temperature from ­40 to 85 °C
Thermal protection
3" × 2.5" case with 10.5 mm profile or 8.9 mm open frame
Basic insulation
Flexible output possibilities between 5 V and 60 V
The IMX35 Series of board-mountable, 35 Watt DC-DC
converters has been designed according to industry
requirements and standards. The converters are particularly
suitable for use in mobile or stationary applications in
transport, railways, industry, or telecommunication, where
variable input voltages or high transient voltages are prevalent.
Covering a total input voltage range from 9 V up to 150 V with 4
different models. The units are available with up to quadruple
outputs (electrically isolated) from 5 V to 60 V, externally
adjustable and with flexible load distribution. A shut down input
allows remote converter on/off. Features include consistently
high efficiency over the entire input voltage range, high
reliability, and excellent dynamic response to load and line
The converters are designed and built according to the
international safety standards IEC/EN/UL 60950, and
approved by TÜV, UL, and cUL. The IMX35 models provide
basic insulation.

The circuit is comprised of 2 planar magnetics devices, and all
components are automatically assembled and securly
soldered onto a single PCB without any wire connection.
Magnetic feedback ensures maximum reliability and
repeatability in the control loop over all operating conditions.
Careful considerations of possible thermal stresses ensure the
absence of hot spots providing long life in environments, where
temperature cycles are present. The thermal design without
using any potting material allows operation at full load up to an
ambient temperature of 71 °C in free air and operation up to
110 °C with airflow. For extremely high vibration environments
the case has holes for screw mounting.




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